Utusan Malaysia Rogol Cartoon Insulted Islam

Malaysia cartoon or kartun Malaysia is no funny business. Now we have two not-funny cases of Malaysian humor in the news. Both of them are equally controversial characters.

First we have political cartoonist Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque, or popularly known as Zunar is suing the Government, Home Ministry and three others over the seizure of his 66 books “Cartoon-O-Phobia” and a painting last year.

political cartoonist zunarZunar claimed that he had suffered damages and losses due to the seizure of both items by the police.

Utusan Malaysia Rogol Cartoon Insulted Islam

The next one is the Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.  Today (15th June), it published a two-panel comic strip which was said to have insulted Islam. The Persatuan Ulam Malaysia (PUM) demanded the government to charge the cartoonist Miki and the publisher of Utusan Malaysia for insulting Islam.

utusan malaysia rogol cartoonThe title of the kartun Malaysia is “Kekeliruan Kes Rogol” (Confusion In Rape Case) drawn by Miki. It depicts a tudung-clad Muslim lady seeking advice after being raped; the first panel she is with a typical-looking religious man and the other panel is supposed to be a police officer.

This is how the Utusan Malaysia rogol cartoon goes:

First Panel
Lady:“Tok Penghulu, I was raped. What should I do?
Man: “You were raped? Were there four witnesses?
Lady: “I only managed to record the incident with a cellphone,”
Man: “The recording device cannot be a witness because it has no ears and eyes. It’s only steel … enough, it’s better for you to drop the case.”

Second Panel
Lady: “Datuk, I was raped. What should I do?”
Man: “You were raped? Do you have any proof?”
Lady: “I only managed to record the incident with a cellphone”
Man: “Good … the tool can be used as evidence!”

I think non-Muslim Malaysians also  know that under Islamic laws, you don’t need four witnesses to testify regarding a rape case. As for adultery, then you need to have four witnesses to prove the offence happened. And video recordings are not accepted as evidence.

Well, I am not surprised that many Malaysian cartoonists are not that knowledgeable and not forgetting they have poor sense of humor too.

I agree with PUM that the government should hold more national conventions to resolve issues within the Muslim community at a time when Muslim society is seen to lack proper religious knowledge.

As reported in Malaysiakini, State PAS Youth chief Aizat Baharuddin has also urged Utusan Malaysia to apologize to Muslims as this insult would only put Islam at a loss.

He added that Muslims are being insulted by their enemies and now they find Muslims themselves insulting Islam. [source: The Malaysian Insider/Malaysiakini]

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