How To view Scanned Comic Books In .CBR File With Comical

After  you have downloaded your favorite scanned comic or cartoon books in .cbr file, you cannot just click to view it in your Windows right away. When you double click on a .cbr file, a Windows box will pop up just like the one below:

open cbr file with winRAR archiver

You cannot view the comics because they are in archive format. You need programs  like Comical, CBR Reader or ComicBookLover (Mac users).

This is how to view your scanned comic book in .cbr file with Comical:

1. First, you need to download Comical program from:

2. From the Comical site, look for items listed below GET IT DOWN. Make your selection depending on your Windows. If you are using Windows 7, click either the word source or Windows as shown below:

read comics cbr file comical rar

3. It will take you to a page and a few seconds later box will pop up.

4. Select Save File option. It means you click on the small circle in front of the words Save File. Now click the OK button.

soundForge comic book archive viewer

How To Use Comical WinRAR ZIP archive To Open Comic Book

1. After it has finished downloading, go to where you have saved this WinRAR ZIP archive called Comical-win32-07zip. It looks like this:

comical winrar zip to view comic books

2. Double click on Comical-win32-07zip.

3. You should see a page like the one below. Double click on the file folder as shown below:

comic book reader comical from SoundForge

4. A list of text documents and applications will appear. Click on Comical.exe as shown below:

comic book viewer winRAR archiver

5. A box will appear. Look for your saved comic book in .cbr file.

6. Double click on it.

7. Comical comic viewer will pop up together your downloaded comic book right away as shown below:

how to use Comical comic book viewer

That’s all. Enjoy reading your favorite comic book.