Visit Interesting Places In Taipei Via MRT

These are some places of interests around Taipei which you can visit via the nearest MRT stations:

taipei mrt route

1. Ximending : Ximen Station

2. Dihua : Zhongshan Station and walk towards the West.

3. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall & Liberty Square : Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station

4. Longshan Temple, Guangzhou Street Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Xichang Street Night Market and Wuzhou Street Night Market : Longshan MRT Station. The temple is across the station. Then you walk either left or right side of the temple.

5. Yongkang Street : Guting Station. Take Exit 5 and walk straight along Heping East Road. Then turn left to Lishui Street and keep walking for about 5 minutes and then turn right.

6. Wufenpu : Houshanpi Station

7.Miramar Entertainment park: Jiannan Road Station

8.Jinan Presbyterian Church : NTU Hospital Station

9.Museum of Contemporary Art : Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station.

10.Bao-an Temple and Confucius Temple : Yuanshan Station

11.Taipei 101,  : Taipei City Hall Station

12. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall : Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall station

13. Maokong Gondola: Taipei Zoo Station. Walk along the Xinguang Road Section 2.

14. 228 Peace Memorial Park : Taipei Main Station

15. Daan Park and Taipei Grand Mosque: Daan Station and then walk eastwards along Xinyi Road

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