Vote My Political Party, But Don’t Play Politics Says Najib Tun Razak

“I guarantee that if Barisan were to be given the mandate, we will resolve the water problem as soon as possible. Let us not play politics.”

nazib tun razaksays the darndest thing

Yes, the above quote is by our beloved Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. It is abstracted from The Star, under the article,’Vote Barisan Nasional in and we will solve your water woes, the Prime Minister told the people of Selangor‘. In fact, it is the darndest thing he ever said for the year 2013.

In other words, he told the crowd to vote his party called Barisan Nasional to win back Selangor and the water problem will be over. And then he added, DON’T PLAY POLITICS!

Eh? Listen! Listen! Listen! Does Najib Tun Razak know what he is saying here?

Well, probably Najib couldn’t understand the meaning of the phrase “play politics”. Or is he playing a fool with the rakyat of Selangor.