Have You Wake Up In Your Dreams Or Can’t Move In Your Sleep?

Have you experienced some of these strange and also frightening sensations in your sleep?

1. You know you are still sleeping, but you wake up in your dream. Everything in the room is exactly the same, but you are certain that you are still in my dream.

2. You wake up but your body is still in the sleeping mode. You couldn’t open your eyes, but you can hear and feel everything around you.

3. You are sure you are still in your dream.

Everything in your room is exactly the same. You canĀ“t move or you feel you are completely paralyzed in your dream. It is annoying and scary at the same time.

4. You could not move your body and when you try to shout, there is no voice coming out.

You can hearing buzzing noise inside your head getting louder and louder.

5. You know you’re dreaming, but everything seems so real.

You force yourself awake, and then you realize you are still inside another dream. In other words, you are trapped inside a succession of dreams.

6. Sometimes you aware that you are dreaming in your dream.

Yes, you “wake up” inside the dream. And you even manipulate it with the power of your thought.

You can “make” yourself fly among the clouds, fight like Jackie Chan or even have naughty fantasies!

If you have experienced any of the above weird and horrifying happenings in your sleep, maybe you would like to find out more.

There is this site where you can learn about lucid dreaming, false awakenings, sleep paralysis and other related issues.

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