Watch Outside China With FoxyProxy Guide

Do you know you can watch movies outside China with a free proxy sever called FoxyProxy?

FoxyProxy is a VPN and proxy server which enable your computer to access any website or app without geographic restrictions or censorship.

Yes, even with this free proxy server, you can enjoy lots of free movies from China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Hollywood available in website.

watch outside China

By the way, this is an updated post, from the one which I wrote it back in the year 2017.

Back then, I can watch all those free movies from, together with the other China-based streaming websites, without a VPN or a proxy server.

I am living outside China and I can access all the free movies from all those Mainland China streaming websites, without a VPN or even FoxyProxy.

I just go to Firefox and I can access all the free content in, except for those listed for VIP subscribers.

But now (June, 2020), I found out that I could not watch all the free movies in anymore.

It will show this message on my laptop screen: free movies

The links to movies from this old post are now broken. Some of the movies have been removed.

Fortunately, I can still watch all the free movies from the other Chinese streaming websites, like Youku, iQIYi, VQQ,, and Toudo still WITHOUT a VPN or a proxy server.

Watch Outside China

As for, now I need to use FoxyProxy set with China IP address to watch its free content.

The main setback with using this free proxy is, every now and then you will occasionally encounter problem loading the page.

It will show the remark: “Secure Connection Failed“.

You need to click on the “Try Again” button to reconnect again.

Probably you have to do this a couple of times in order to get the connection working smoothly.

For those who do not how to use Firefox FoxyProxy addon to access geo-restricted content, here is the tutorial.

How To Watch Free Movies Of

Note: For those of you who do not read or understand Chinese (Mandarin), this what you should do:

Before you use start using FoxyProxy server to watch the movies, you use the Google Search to translate the site.

To use Google Translation function, you must NOT turn on the FoxyProxy with the China IP address as yet.

You type in into Google Web Search box, just like the normal Google search.

The first one in the search results, will show homepage in Chinese language.

You click on “Translate this page“.

access China-based websites

Then you click on “Archive” which is located on the top right hand corner.

It will open a new page with movie search filtered by country, type, year and star.

As you do not understand Chinese language, use this page as a reference.

Keep this page on your computer, so you can refer it when you access the in its original Chinese language.

Now you click on your FoxyProxy set with China IP address.

Then type in your Firefox search box and press the “Enter” key.

If your China proxy IP address is working fine, you should see homepage right away.

To search for your movie, click on ” 资料馆 ” which means “Archive“.

It is located next to the VIP影院.

unblock China-based websites

It will open new page, which is similar to the English translation page as you have it on your PC as instructed earlier.

Using your English translation reference, now you know precisely which one country, type or year to select.

This how you go about viewing the free movies.

From my own experience, I found that I can still watch movies or videos from these categories as translated to English by Google: Latest Blockbuster (最新大片), Hong Kong & Taiwan Studios (港台片场), Mainland Studio (内地片场), Art Theater (艺术影院), Series Of Movies (系列电影), CCYV6 Ratings (CCTV6收视强片), Microfilm (微电影) and Movie Feature (电影专题).

All the content on these categories can be accessed, except, VIP Movies (VIP影院).

Anyway, for those who want to watch movies from United States, click HERE.

Here is the link to the “Europe & America” movie selections.

I have tried watching a couple of Hollywood and Hong Kong movies, without any major hiccup.

Among them is “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “IP Man 4” and the French animated flick “Dilili in Paris”.

I hope those of you living outside China, you can enjoy many of the movies from

Last Updated August 2021
: If you have problem accessing, then forget it.

Instead go straight to this Chinese website called IYF.TV, where you can find lots of free films, Netflix streaming movies, TV series and other selections.

The homepage site is IYF.TV.

To watch free movies:

click here (desktop)

click here (mobile)

To watch free TV series:

click here (desktop)

click here (mobile)

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