Watch Hulu Videos Without Buffering With Streamyx In Malaysia

* Update: Hulu has stopped offering FREE content since 2016!

Are you from Malaysia and using Streamyx broadband to watch streaming movies from And are you experiencing slow and stuttering playback?

I am only talking about the shows and not the ads.

During the commercial breaks, the advertisement videos will pause and stutter. For this unavoidable hiccup, you have to bear with it.

watch without buffering outside usaWatch Hulu Videos Without Buffering With Streamyx In Malaysia

For those of you who are having Streamyx RM66 Package, you can still enjoy lots of great free full-length feature movies and TV shows, without having to upgrade to UniFi broadband service.

From my own experience, here is a way to fix this slow-and-pause problem when viewing movies from on-demand streaming video website,

I tried pausing the video momentarily and then watch.

But after a short while, the show will pause again. It is definitely exasperating and annoying.

Particularly when I connect my laptop to the TV set. Forget about this click-wait-watch method.

What Hulu suggests is that you pause the video clip and wait for the buffer to reach “full.”

Then only you try playing your video again. I tried it out, but it still buffers.

Lowering Hulu Video Quality Setting

Recently I tried this method and it works well. I lower the video quality setting to low.

To adjust the the video quality, you move the cursor to the video player, and you can see a little gear icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your video player.

Under the word “Quality“, you click on either “med” or “low“. Even I set it to “low“, yet the picture quality is still acceptably good.

Watch In Default Video Player Size

Another thing is I watch the video in its original size. You can try watching the show in full screen size and see how it goes.

Naturally when you watch videos on this online video service, you should close down all the other tabs.

Other suggestions by Hulu are: turn off any CPU-intensive programs which you’re running, or rebooting your computer.

Try out my suggestion and see whether it works for you.

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