Watch iQiYi Free Movies Outside China Without VPN 2021

Last update: August 2021

You can watch iQiYi free movies outside China without a VPN.

In other words, you can access this leading Chinese online movie and video streaming website legally.

You don’t need to use a VPN to unblock iQiYi to enjoy its free content.

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If you are living outside China and want to enjoy free movies and TV shows from iQiYi legally, then keep reading…

watch iQiYi free movies outside China

Watch iQiYi Free Movies Outside China

Back in those days, there are lots of free films and TV shows to watch, without having to resort to free/paid VPN or proxy server via a China IP address.

You just go to the IQIYI site and download its app.

Then you can enjoy endless hours of entertainment from those shows categorized as FREE content (免費), without using a Chinese IP address.

Currently there are only a handful of free English movies left.

For Hong Kong flicks, there is a bit more choices to choose from.

This category page doesn’t work anymore.

Unfortunately, lately many of the movies are not there any more.

New Site By iQiYi

By the way, there is a new site (different domain) from iQiYi.

Here is the homepage.

It is filled with Chinese (Mainland China & Hong Kong)  productions: movies, TV series, variety shows and animation.

There is a choice of subtitle to choose from: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Some movies you can also select the audio in either Mandarin or Cantonese.

You can enjoy watching all the shows, except those listed as VIP.

Click on “More” and it will drop down a list of options: Local, Drama, Movie, Variety Show and Anime.

For “Local“, it means content from the country where you are watching.

For example if you are from Malaysia, you will find lots of TV dramas, and TV series (new & old).

You will find titles like: “Covid Oh Covid“, “Shah Alam 4000“, “Aku Yang Kau Gelar isteri” and even the old collection of 28-episode “Gerak Khas: The Finale“.

For free movies, you can watch 2010 Hong Kong biographical martial arts drama film “Bruce Lee, My Brother“.

It stars Aarif Rahman as the late Bruce Lee.

Note: Forget about iQiYi if you want to watch free current films and streaming movies, then go to this Chinese website called IYF.TV.

The homepage site is IYF.TV.

To watch free movies:

click here (desktop)

click here (mobile)

To watch free TV series:

click here (desktop)

click here (mobile)

Read all about it here: “Free Movies From China Website Without VPN“.

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