Watch Free Movies Online At PPS.TV On Your Computer

Do you know you can watch movies online at PPS.TV?

Be they Hollywood movies, and also films from Hong Kong, Main Land China, Korea, Japan, Britain and Europe.

The shows are high-definition (HD) movies.

watch movies online at pps.tvIt is over at PPS.TV. (

The best part is you DO NOT have to download any software to watch all these shows online.

Just click and enjoy high-definition movies on your computer.

I know it is in Mandarin. So for those of you who don’t read Mandarin, this is what you do:

1. Type on your browser. Press “Enter“.

2.You will see its site listed number one on the page in Mandarin. Click on “Translate this page“.

3.Now you will see the PPS.TV homepage still in Mandarin, and at the same time you can see the words “Google translate” above it.

4. If it is not translated to English, then set it to: From: Chinese To: English. Then click the “Translate” blue box.

5. Now you should see PPS.TV in English.

6. Since this is a direct translation, you would find lots of funny or rather incorrect English translation.

7. Don’t be too concerned about that. You just want to watch movies.

Watch HD Movies On PPSTV

Go to the homepage at:

Scroll down and look for “Film” listed on the left hand side.

Look for those labelled “HD Version“.

Click on it and immediately it will open a new page and the selected movie will start streaming in.

Or you can click “Film” from its menu bar on top of the page.

Again scroll down, and you can find more movies. This time is listed under “Classic high-definition large”.

At he point of writing, the movies are: “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”, “Serious Moonlight”, “Ashes of Time”, “Once”, “Amelie”, “Memoirs of A Geisha”, “2046”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “The Sun Also Rises” and “Chocolate”.

Happy movie watching.