Very Strange Websites: Against Christmas Shopping Movement

Here is one of those very strange websites for those of you who are against Christmas shopping.

Are you one of those folks who believe that Christmas shopping is simply wasteful in term of money and stuff? It is all a ploy set up by manufacturers, departmental stores, and huge corporations to trick you to splurge your hard-earned money and get you into massive debts.

against christmas shopping movement
Boycott Christmas Shoping!

In other words, to you Christmas marketing blitz is a scam. Those Christmas “wish lists”and “gift exchanges” have degraded the concept of giving. In addition, all those useless packaging materials and discarded silly gifts add more garbage into our already damaged earth.

Then you should join The Christmas Resistance Movement to boycott Christmas Shopping, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, and all sorts of Christmas stuff.

very strange websites
Against Christmas Shopping

This group strongly refuse to support the so-called  holiday industry. They believe we can express our love for friends and family by giving our time and care, and not merely by purchasing consumer goods.Shower your love this holiday season from your heart and not from your wallet.

So if you are against Christmas shopping, you can find out more this movement from

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