Weird Malaysian Foods: Breakfast In Muar

Do you know that Muar or Bandar Maharani folks aka Muarians, usually have for breakfast in Muar? Instead of the usual breakfast fares like roti canai, roti bakar (toasts), nasi lemak or chee chong fun, Muarians have their own unique taste for breakfast. They do eat the usual stuff for breakfast, but these are their three main popular breakfast food:

1. Hainanese chicken rice balls

2. Mee Bandung

3. Satay

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

Muar Hainanese chicken rice balls for breakfast

There are two kopi-tiams (coffee shops) along Jalan Sisi which sell this Muar famous Hainanese chicken rice balls. Every morning, you can find Muar Chinese folks having their chicken rice ball together accompanied by their hot cup of kopi-O (black coffee), mostly from Sai Kee coffee 434.

UPDATE: Both shops are no more operating along Jalan Sisi. One shop has already  closed down, while the other one is still in business at Jalan Meriam.

Mee Bandung Muar Asli

Muar mee bandung asli for breakfast
 If you want to makan (eat) authentic Mee Bandung Muar, then go to Abu Bakar Hanipah stall in Restoran Wah San, at 9A, Jalan Abdullah, Muar. As early as 8.00 a.m. you can see customers of different races (more Malays) chomping away their plates of savory Mee Bandung Muar asli Muar Satay for breakfast.
Satay Muar
muar people have satay for breakfast
Back in the Seventies, for satay, you can find them in various Chinese coffee shops around the town areas around Jalan Maharani, Jalan Abdullah or Jalan Sulaiman.

But these days, you can find more Malays operating in their own premises, particularly along Jalan Majidi.The more popular ones are ZZ Satay Warisan, Restoran Haba which are just a shop away from each other.

If you are looking for breakfast in Muar, walk along the shop veranda, and you are sure to catch a whiff of the grilled satay coming from one these shops.

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