Whole Wheat Bread In Malaysia You Should Try

Have heard of whole wheat bread in Malaysia?

After my earlier disappointment with Massimo Bread, I was looking for some other better whole wheat bread.

And I came across a selection of wholemeal bread, buns and also sourdough from the brand called Good Whole Wheat.

Whole Wheat Bread In Malaysia

I saw them from a mini-market in my neighborhood, and I think these wholemeal loaves and buns are only available in the Klang valley area.

Whole Wheat Bread In Malaysia

Good Wholewheat bread and buns used ingredients which include wholewheat, bran, 100% brown sugar, quality vegetable fat, low sugar yeast and high protein flour.

According to its site, it says they don’t use artificial or food chemicals, but they do use preservative in small quantities for certain breads and buns.

Those who have been eating the normal white bread or even other popular brand of wholemeal bread,would find Good WholeWheat bread not palatable.

It is rather dry and crumby (full of loose breadcrumbs).

Some of you may even complain that these whole wheat breads and buns are tasteless.

But whole wheat bread is healthier and more nutritious (contained more fiber) than the normal refined white flour.

Sourdough Bread Health Benefits

One good news to me is they have sourdough bread. It is rather difficult to get sourdough bread in Malaysia.

sourdough bread malaysia

According to researchers, sourdough bread can help to ensure that the blood glucose level remains constant; thus helping to guard against various diseases, especially diabetes.

There is this famous bakery store selling sourdough called Poilâne in Paris.

All their breads are  baked in wood-fired ovens. It’s breads are shipped worldwide.

The varieties of breads and buns offered by Good Whole Wheat are:

Premium Non-Sugar Wholewheat Loaf (420g)
Premium Wholewheat Loaf (420g)
Wholewheat Sourdough (240g)
Organic Wholewheat Sourdough (320g)-No preservatives
Organic Sourdough(320g)- No preservatives
Low G.I. Diabetic Bread (420g)
Premium Wholewheat Bun (325g)
Orange Rosemary Wholewheat Sandwich Buns (160g)
Apricot, Sunflower seeds & Raisin Buns (240g)

Price-wise, they are not really that expensive.

Bread Manufacturer In Malaysia

This wholemeal bread manufacturer is called Good 1 Whole Wheat Sdn Bhd and it is located at Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor.

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