Why I Would Never Buy Bata Power Sneakers Anymore

Two months ago, I bought a pair of white Power sneakers from Bata outlet in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. The model is SKATERZ (Article Code:8081279), under the casual category.

Personally I love its simple uncluttered design. After wearing it for just two months, the soles started to give way.

One day, I was walking on the wet pavement and I could feel my socks and soles soaking wet. Yes, the shoe soles were leaking. The water seeped through the motifs or patterns on the shoe soles. If they were just plain rubber soles, without patterns and logo design, then this would NOT have happened, unless the soles have worn out due to long usage.  The shoes is used  for walking and for just  two months only.

This is another case of what I called style over substance or design over function. What is the use of having an ornamented or adorned shoe soles? The functions of the shoe sole are for impact and vertical balance. You don’t need so-called aesthetic design.

Who buys a pair of shoes because of its beautifully designed soles?

The pair of shoes is still new, but the soles are damaged (see the picture below). Same goes for my earlier pair of white Power sneakers with two red stripes.

bata power sneakers leaking soles

Personally I overlooked the soles of the Power sneakers when I bought them that day. From my own observation and experience with Bata shoes, especially Power and North Star is the prices are reasonable and affordable. But the  setback is most of the time the soles of their shoes are not durable.

Note: This is a guest post.