How To Withdraw EPF Money Reaching 50 Years Old From Account 2 Guide For Malaysians

Last updated on July 6th, 2017

How to withdraw EPF money Malaysia: Malaysians can withdraw their EPF fund when they reach fifty (50) years old from Account 2.

How To Withdraw EPF Money Reaching 50 Years Old

When one reaches the age of 50 years old, he or she is allowed to withdraw all of ones savings in your Account 2.

Please DO NOT refer to the submission information in Employees Provident Fund (KWSP) website. It is outdated.

How To Withdraw EPF Money Reaching 50 Years Old

1. You DO NOT need to fill up any form. So, do not waste your time or your computer printing ink to print out the application form provided on its site.

2. No photo-copied Identity Card (I.C.) is needed.

All you need to submit your application for Age 50 Years Withdrawal are:

1. Your Identity Card (I.C.)
2. Your Bank Account Book.

The staff needs only these two items from you. At the counter, the staff will use the thumbprint reader to  verify your application.

Once it is checked, it will print out the details for you to go through.

The EPF or Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) staff will key in your bank account number.

Then you have to thumb-print both your left and right thumbs on  two copies of the print out forms. And you also have to sign name.

One copy is given to you as reference, while the staff will keep the other.

You should receive the withdrawal money in your bank account within a week, and at the same time, you will also receive a confirmation mail from EPF or KWSP before that.

That’s all about how to withdraw EPF money when reaching 50 in Malaysia from your Account 2.