Wonder Window Tenyo Magic Trick Secret Exposed

If you are still wondering how the Wonder Window Tenyo magic trick works, take a peek to see whether my guess is correct.

My speculation how this solid through solid magic trick by Tenyo Magic is by viewing the demo videos in YouTube.

This Tenyo T-114 Wonder Window mechanical trick is the ingenious creation of Shigeru Sugawara.

Shigeru Sugawara Tenyo Magic Tricks
Image: MagicPedia

Shigeru Sugawara‘s other penetration effects include: Tenyo T-196 Money Cutter, Tenyo T-189 Money Shredder, Tenyo T-132 The Ninja Experiment and DicEscape.


A piece of transparent plastic is inserted into the Wonder Window frame.

Slide the vertical bar which has a slit in it, to the center of the frame, where the transparent plastic piece is.

Insert a playing card through the slit, and magically it seems to penetrate through the solid transparent plastic piece.

To end the penetration trick, slide the vertical bar back to its original position.

Then pull out the transparent plastic piece to show it is still one solid piece.

Watch the demo video of the Wonder Window Tenyo Magic Trick by Tenyo Magic Japan.

Wonder Window Tenyo Magic Trick Revealed

Now let’s peep into the Wonder Window Tenyo magic trick, to see how the playing card could go through the clear plastic sheet.

From the demo videos, we know the Wonder Window T-114 needs the vertical bar with a slit to make the penetration effect possible.

Wonder Window Tenyo Magic Trick

Wonder Window Two Separate Clear Plastic

I think the secret of Wonder Window by Tenyo Magic is there are TWO separate pieces of transparent plastic sheet.

The method of the trick is identical to the Ultimate Penetration Frame by Magic Wagon.

It also uses a vertical sliding bar (with three holes) to do the trick.

This penetration effect is at the thin gap between the two pieces of two plexiglass, as seen below.

Ultimate Penetration Frame Secret Exposed

I believe the Tenyo Wonder Window uses the same method as well.

Two Transparent Plastic Sheets

The two transparent plastic pieces are:

The first piece is the one which is seen slotting into the window of the frame.

Tenyo Window Penetration Magic Trick

The second transparent piece is concealed inside the black piece where the vertical bar is as indicated below.

Wonder Window By Tenyo Magic

When the vertical bar is slide to the center of the frame, it pulls out this concealed hidden transparent plastic.

Simultaneously the bar pushes half of the slotted-in transparent piece into the other side of the frame.

In other words, half of it can be seen next to the bar, while the other half is inside the black color piece.

Vertical Sliding Bar Hides Secret Slit

Now you are actually seeing two separate pieces of transparent plastic sheet between the vertical sliding bar, as highlighted below.

Wonder Window T-114 Tenyo

The vertical sliding bar with a slit is actually hiding the narrow gap between two pieces of transparent plastic.

Below image is the back view of the frame, captured from this video.

Wonder Window By Tenyo Magic Japan

The thin line indicated in the picture above is not the slit of the sliding vertical bar.

It is the narrow gap between two clear plastic sheets, as it goes all the way down to the bottom part of the frame.

From this demo video, at 0:43 when he pulls the bar to his right, you can see the indicated clear plastic piece moving toward the middle of the frame.

Solid Through Solid Magic Trick

To see it clearer, slow down the playback speed to 0.25, and focus at the smudge mark as indicated in the picture below.

Closeup Penetration Trick Revealed

The bottom part of the frame is wider than the top is because, that is where the mechanism of the sliding vertical bar is.

Penetration Tenyo Magic Trick

This is an illustration showing you how to lock the vertical sliding bar to the frame.

Tenyo Wonder Window Secret

Basically, the playing card is NOT penetrating the clear plastic sheet.

It slips past through between two pieces of clear plastic sheet.

This is my view how the Wonder Window Tenyo magic trick works.