Yong Moh Coffee Shop Jalan Tukang Emas Melaka | Pork Buns And Dim Sum You Must Try

If you are looking for delicious dim sum and pork buns in Jonker Walk area, there is this place called Yong Moh Coffee Shop [荣茂茶室].  It is locate at 32, Jalan Tukang Emas. To exact, it is right opposite Kampung Kling Mosque.

mah yong coffee shop dim sum melaka

As far as I know, Yong Moh is the only restaurant selling dim sum and pork pau or buns in this part of Melaka.

I discovered this hideaway eatery one early morning when I went for my brisk walk over the Jonker Walk vicinity.

It was only seven in the morning, and it was already busy with customers chit-chatting, eating, smoking, drinking Chinese tea and reading newspapers.

mah yong coffee shop  pork bun jalan tukang emas  melaka

Personally, I find both the dim sum and the pork buns (both small and big pau) not overly salty. The stuffing (pork) and especially the pau skin is soft and tender.

These savory ‘bak-pau’ (pork buns) are similar to those pau selling along Jalan Meriam in Muar town at night.

There is no tasteless pieces of turnip in the bun, like what you get in those mass-produced  ‘twa pau‘ (big pork bun) which you find in most coffee shops in the Klang valley.

mah yong coffee stall jalan tukang emas melaka dim sum

Yong Moh restaurant offers a good choices of dim sum to choose from. The waiter would come with an aluminium tray filled an array of dim sum. You just make your selection.

I remember seeing a signage on the wall of the shop which says that dim sum ordered is non-returnable. The obvious reason is because of cleanliness.

Please be reminded, the the  big pau is overflowing with oily gravy. So be careful when you bite into it. You may get the lardy liquid dripping all over your palms and fingers. Worst still, to get the greasy gravy onto your clothing. So, eat with care.

One disappointing thing is this eatery doesn’t sell freshly locally brewed coffee. That morning I wanted to order my usual cup of kopi O (black coffee), the lady staff told me they only have sachet coffee. So, I opted for a teapot of chrysanthemum tea without sugar.

For those drinking Chinese tea, you don’t need to hail for the waiter to get your refill. There is self-service boiling hot water available.

I have heard from my buddies, this dim sum stall Yong Moh at the narrow street of Jalan Tukang Emas has been doing brisk business all these times. As I know that it usually finishes selling its stuff well before noon. So, to avoid disappointment, be there early.

It is closed on Tuesdays.

Your next trip to Melaka, wake up early and enjoy a great breakfast of dim sum and pork buns over at Yong Moh Coffee Stall. Then take a leisure stroll along the scenic Melaka River to burn away those extra calories.

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