Young Malaysian Chinese Girls From MCA Youth

Who cares whether Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA)  is still relevant to the Malaysian Chinese community anymore.

Some folks were more excited over the recent presence of seven cute Malaysian Chinese girls at the MCA Youth annual general meeting (AGM).

mca wanita aunties

All these while, the ladies from MCA, be they from Wanita or the MCA Youth, they are those typical Chinese aunty-looking women, or those plain-looking (usually bespectacled, bad hairdo, ill-fitting clothes, etc) book-worm-type Chinese-medium school girls.

Whether the “MCA Seven Beauties” are real members or not, is irrelevant. Probably having cute Malaysian Chinese ladies as MCA members is part of  the Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

Malaysia Chinese Association beauties
NOW: MCA Ladies

No wonder someone cheekily says, MCA  stands for “Manyak Cantik Amoi” [images: The Star & Malaysiakini]

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