Young Malaysian Girls And French Bulldog Rebecca Bonbon

I think it’s time for young Malaysian girls to say bye-bye to  Hello Kitty. Do you know that the famous white mouth-less cat is now purring in the corner, making way for this fashionable French bulldog called Rebecca Bonbon.

rebecca bonbon yuko shimizu
Rebecca Bonbon By Yuko Shimizu

This cute female canine character Rebecca  Bonbon is another creation by the same  Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu who created Hello Kitty.

In fact, this doggie character Rebecca Bonbon was created back in 2005. Rebecca Bonbon is an adorable French bulldog who was born in Paris and adopted by a young American. Rebecca is said to have great fashion sensibilities and a knack for the finer things in life: travel, shopping, and sweet bonbons. She now lives with her American friend in a fabulous apartment overlooking Central Park.

In 2006, Rebecca Bonbon the brand was launched at the Tokyo Gift Show and Licensing Asia at Tokyo Big Site and at Magic in Las Vegas in 2006. The following year, Rebecca Bonbon signed on over 50 licensees for the Japanese market alone.

Last year, (2010) Rebecca Bonbon made her debut into North America and Europe as a comprehensive fashion brand. You can find this cute French bulldog emblazoned on a wide array of products, ranging from apparel and accessories to make-up and home décor at K-Mart and Sears.

I wonder if this French bulldog Rebecca Bonbon be as popular as Hello Kitty among young Malaysian girls? Probably only with the non-Muslim Malaysian girls.

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