Enjoy YouTube Without Pauses With Streamyx RM66 Per Month

Do you know you can watch Youtube without pauses with Streamyx RM66 per month package?

Those days when I tried to watch my favorite movies or music videos on YouTube, I encountered continuously pausing while it buffered.

The video was playing faster than it could download to my computer. So what I did was to pause, download a little more, then play a bit more of the video until it has to pause again.

youtube no pauses tm streamyxWhat I did then was I clicked on the “Pause” button and went over to some other websites and let it download till the end of the video. Then only I went back to enjoy the complete video all at once.

I know it was very frustrating and that was why I seldom watch or listen videos on YouTube then.

YouTube Without Pauses With TM Streamyx Rm66 Package

There was not much I could do as I am using a slower internet connection. Even till today, I am still using RM66/ month TM Streamyx package with the speed of 512kbps.

Watch Hulu Outside US Free

I have been enjoying lots of free movies and documentaries from Hulu.com and music from Pandora Internet Radio.

Only sometime back, I had some technical problem with my Streamyx. It kept breaking or slowed down. The problem was due to bad connection at the port (the box outside my apartment).

You can read the blog post how the problem was fixed over here.

Anyway, folks, these days suddenly I can enjoy watching all the free full-length feature movies on YouTube or listen to all your favorite artistes full albums without being interrupted with intermittent pauses.

I know YouTube uses “DASH Playback” back in 2013. DASH stands for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.

What it does is it breaks the video into segments.

The video data will pre-load (buffer) the first segment, but it will not buffer past that until the first segment is just about finished playing.

Then it starts to buffer the second segment, and so goes on until the end of the video.

I do not know why suddenly these days I get to enjoy free entertainment from YouTube without irritating pauses, except for the commercial breaks.