Zunar Cartoon Class Banner Features My Original Artwork

Malaysian cartoonist Zunar

A while ago, I went to Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya or MPAJ Pandah Indah to pay my latest quit rent. As there was a long queue, I decided to take a seat at the lobby and read the newspapers provided.

zunar cartoonist

And I saw this banner hanging up near the lobby area.It is about a free cartoonist class conducted by Zunar  & Kelab Kartunis Independen (KKI), which was held on May this year.

And what caught my attention was the picture of Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar on the banner.

It is from my original drawing which was published on my old blog some time ago.

That particular post doesn’t exist anymore. It is a spoof from his book Cartoon-O-Phobia.

kartunis zunar malaysiaPersonally, I feel honored they used my artwork of  Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, or better known as Zunar, Malaysia’s most notorious political cartoonist for the banner.

You can enjoy his incisive political satire over at Cartoonkini (Malaysiakini).