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Kher Cheng Guan

My name is Kher Cheng Guan.

I am the founder and creator of this blog Info Ruckus.

Kher Cheng Guan

Since the 80s, I have been involved in writing, and also in both visual arts and performing arts.


I have contributed short stories and articles to various Malaysian publications.

This is the link to some of my published short stories in the English-language newspaper, The Star.

Kher Cheng Guan Author Info Ruckus

Kher Cheng Guan Short Story Writing

Contributing sports articles.

Kher Cheng Guan Writer

These are some of my published poems in the the Malaysian publications.

Kher Cheng Guan Published Poems

Visual Arts:

I started off as a fashion designer, designing apparels for ladies, men, children and infants, started in the 80s.

Kher Cheng Guan Fashion Designer

Fashion sketches and illustrations:

Kher Cheng Guan Fashion Designing

Below is my water-color illustration artwork copied from the late fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez’s 1985 book “Antonio’s Tales From The Thousand & One Nights”.

Kher Cheng Guan Illustration

When I was free-lancing I dabbled in cartooning and drawing caricatures.

Many of my cartoons are published in both Malaysian newspapers and magazines.

Kher Cheng Guan caricatures

You can still view some of my past satirical cartoons and caricatures in Flickr.

Teaming up with my brother Kher Cheng Hong, we did caricatures and paintings.

Kher Cheng Guan Caricaturist

Kher Cheng Guan Artist

Published portrait (actor Ricky Schroder) artwork done with 6B pencils.

Kher Cheng Guan Portrait Drawing

Performing Arts:

For more than a decade, I was acting in Malaysian TV dramas & sitcoms and Malay movies.

Besides, I had done radio dramas in both Malay and English language for Malaysia radio station.

I also used to performed as a voice and sound impressionist, under the stage name Wacky Willy and SFX-Man respectively.

Wacky Willy Voice Impressionist

SFX-Man Sound Impressionist

Press Interviews:

Kher Cheng Guan Press Interviews

Wacky Willy Voice Impressionist Kher Cheng Guan

Wacky Willy Voice Impressionist

Kher Cheng Guan Stage Performer

Kher Cheng Guan Voice Impressionist

In fact, you can google my name, Kher Cheng Guan, or go to Perplexity, and you can check out some of my works.