Banned P. Ramlee Movies You Should Watch

Do you know about the two banned P. Ramlee movies from showing on Malaysian TV stations?

There are two feature films by this iconic Malay entertainment legend P. Ramlee which are banned from Malaysian TV.

They are: “Gelora” and “Mintak Nombor Ekor”.

“Gelora” was released in 1970 and the latter is a short funny segment from his 1964 anthology film “Ragam P.Ramlee“.

The both black and white movies “Gelora” and “Mintak Nombor Ekor” have been banned by Malaysian authorities.

Banned P. Ramlee Movies


“Gelora” is a 1970 Merdeka Film Production directed by P. Ramlee.

banned P. Ramlee movies

The screenplay by him and Osman Abadi is based on the original idea by Osman Abadi. P.Ramlee, Sarimah Ahmad (now known as Datuk Hajah Sarimah Ahmad), Arman Yadi and Isma Rubee appear in the leading roles.

The controversial part in the movie is of course is about the character played by Sarimah who has a relationship with the young man acted by Arman Yadi.

Some local film critics dubbed as the Malaysian version of Mrs. Robinson of “The Graduate“.

Kamal (Arman Yadi) who finds out that he is an illegitimate child after a bitter squabble with his mother Salbiah.

Kamal storms out of the house and befriends and falls in love with a Malay girl named Intan (Isma Rubee).

She is the daughter of Salmiah (Sarimah Ahmad), who is a mistress of a millionaire.

One day Intan invites Kamal to her home and her mum Salmiah is attracted to Kamal.

Kamal falls for his girlfriend’s mum. Soon, Intan discovers their relationship.

Feeling dejected and disheartened, Intan distances herself from her mother and she starts working as a secretary.

Now Intan has a new boyfriend, Lt. Zainal.

In the mean time, Intan has been frequently being harassed by her elderly boss Che’ Hamdan (P.Ramlee), who is trying to woo her.

One day, one of her former boyfriend Rahmat deceives her and Intan is assaulted by Rahmat and his friends.

Hoping to seek help from her present boyfriend Zainal, Intan is shocked to find that Zainal is in the arms of another woman.

Because of her bitter experiences with younger men, Intan now willingly submits herself to her elderly boss Hamdan.

The complicated relationship of Salbiah, Kamal, Intan, Salmiah and Handam which is full of dark secrets, which will be finally exposed by a sensational murder case.

The blurb on the movie poster says: “ANAK…AYAH…dan IBU terlibat dalam satu trajidi berchinta sayang yang penoh keganjilan! (loosely translated as: Son…Father…Mother…caught in a love tragedy filled with bizarreness.”

Watch the controversial Malay movie “Gelora” below:

Mintak Nombor Ekor

The comedy flick is one of the three segments from P.Ramlee’s 1964’s movie “Ragam P. Ramlee“.

If I am not mistaken, it had been shown before on Malaysian television, before it was taken off.

The main reason of removing this segment is because it depicts gambling. And further more, as you know gambling is forbidden in Islam.

The original story idea of “Mintak Nombor Ekor” is by the late Marican Pawancheek and the screenplay is by P Ramlee himself.

The cast of “Mintak Nombor Ekor” are: P. Ramlee, Raden Sudiro, Sophia Ibrahim, Hashim Hamzah, Noor Jin, Fatimah Yaakob and Jaafar Rahman.

Basically it is about two close room-mates, Ramlee (P. Ramlee) and Raden (Raden Sudiro).

Like many Malaysians today, they want to get rich quickly. They have been trying their luck by buying ‘tiga nombor ekor‘ or 3-D as what we called it today.

They resort to various ways trying  to strike that lucky or winning number. At the same time, both of them are in love with the same girl named Safiah (Jaafar Rahman) who works at the nombor ekor shop.

Watch the P. Ramlee feature film “Mintak Nombor Ekor” below:

I hope you enjoy watching these two banned P. Ramlee movies.

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