Download Google Books Preview Pages And Convert It To Text Document With GooReader

By default, those books with free Preview pages of Google Books cannot be directly copied by right-clicking. this post I am going to show you how to download Google books preview pages and then convert them documents which you can edit and rewrite.

I have shared with you before, one method which you can do it.  You just download the preview pages and then convert it into a document text which can be edited.

Here is another method to download Preview pages of Google Books and convert them into text documents.

Step One: Install GooReader

1. Install the free tool called GooReader over at:

2. After installing it, you should see open book icon of GooReader on your desktop as shown below:

gooreader to download google books

Step Two: How To Download Google Books With GooReader

1. Double click on the icon and it will open its interface as shown below:

gooreader download google books2. Search for your book by typing in the book title or author in the blank space next to “Google books“.

3. Then either press on the “Enter” key or click on the magnifying glass symbol in the space where you have just typed in.

3. Bring your cursor to the particular book which you would to download.

5. Immediately a speech bubble-like image will appear pointing at the selected book as shown below:

download google books preview pages6. Now click on the open book symbol(Read Book).

7. Next you can see the book with all its preview pages.

8. Click on the arrow below to turn the page which you like to download.

9. Then click on the “View in full screen mode” sign which has four tiny arrows pointing outwards. It is located on the top right hand corner reduce, enlarge and close signs.

10. Now click the “Export” symbol which is located on the bottom right hand corner. The last one. Bring your cursor over it and you can see the word “Export“.

11. Then you can see a few Export options lay out at the bottom of the page.

12. For it to convert properly to text document later (Step Three), just download one page at a time.

13. Click on it and immediately a “Save As” box pops up.

14. Select where you would like to save the downloaded page and click “Save“.

15. Now what you have saved is in JPEG format. If the saved document has a lot of white empty spaces around the text, crop it and save again.

Step Three: How To Convert Downloaded File Into Text Document

1. Go to the free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool at:

2. Scroll down to the boxed area titled “Upload images for OCR“.

convert jpeg file into text document3. Click on “Browse” and then click on the newly downloaded folder on your desktop. Select just one page from the folder. Then click “Open“. (you can only convert one page at a time.)

4. Type in the captcha text as provided.

5. Now click on “Send File” button.

6. Wait for it to upload and process.

7. Once it has done, you can see the texts in the box titled: “Text recognition result” as shown below:

convert jpeg file into text document8.  Now the text can be copied to your Notepad and you can edit the whole article to your requirement.

* Here is another method of copying Google Preview pages that is editable too.