Free E-book Do-It-Yourself Gaffed Decks

Want to know how to make yourself gaffed or gimmick decks?

If you love playing cards, I am sure you want to know to perform some magic tricks with them.

Playing cards are inexpensive and easy to carry around. You can keep a deck of cards with you at all times.

During your spare time, you can practice sleights and tricks.

Those of you who want to perform some real amazing card tricks, then get this e-book “Trick Decks: How To Hack Playing Cards For Extraordinary Magic“.

How To Modify Playing Cards For Astounding Magic Tricks

Free E-book Do-It-Yourself Gaffed DecksThis is not a book of magic tricks per se. It’s an instructional book about how to make gimmick or gaffed decks, which you can use them to do all sorts of fascinating tricks.

This 64-page book of tricks with playing cards is written by Mark Frauenfelder is in epub file format.

You will find easy-to-follow tips and advice on to make different kinds of trick card decks from ordinary playing cards.

You get clear instructions and lots of photographs that show you how to make the decks.

You do not to have any special skills to make these trick card decks.

Frauenfelder has provided concise directions, alternative versions and stunning presentations that will help you to amaze your audiences.

These stunning effects are easily learned and you can perform them right away without having to take years of practice.

What you can find in this book “Trick Decks: How To Hack Playing Cards For Extraordinary Magic“:

– How to make Marked Cards

– How to make a Stripper Deck

– Two ways to make Invisible Deck

– How to make Brain Wave Deck

– How to make Nightmare Card

Below is a video clip on how to make a Stripper Deck from the book. Click on the image. To view it clearer, click on the “Full Screen” function next to the word “YouTube”.



Personally I have been using these hand-made decks to entertain friends. Well, so far, not many of them have ever guessed the secret to all my card tricks.

If you enthusiastic in magic and card tricks, you’ll want get hold of this book.

Free E-book Do-It-Yourself Gaffed Decks Download

Do you know you can download this book “Trick Decks: How To Hack Playing Cards For Extraordinary Magic” for FREE?

Here is the link to get your FREE e-book right away.

Anyway, if you want to purchase it, you can get it at Amazon Kindle store for for $2.99.