Free Silk Handkerchief Magic Trick Book By Jean Hugard

It’s time to grab this free silk handkerchief trick Jean Hugard magic book titled “Silken Sorcery“.

This magic trick book was published way back in 1937, yet all the stunning effects in this book are still relevant and entertaining.

The magical tricks found in “Silken Sorcery” include: sleights for manipulation silks without the use of accessories, various methods of vanishing and producing silks, dyeing the silks, Twentieth Century Silk Trick, ties and flourishes.

Besides, all the amazing tricks, helpful illustrations, this 83-page-book include tips on how to take good care of your silk hankies and also a page on patter suggestions.

silk handkerchief trick Jean Hugard

There are 12 chapters in this silk handkerchief trick by Jean Hugard magic book:

Chapter I. Methods of Folding Silks for Production
Chapter II. Sleights for Manipulating Silks Without Accessories
Chapter III. Methods for Producing a Single Silk
Chapter IV. The Production of a Number of Silks
Chapter V. Various Methods of Vanishing Silks
Chapter VI. Dyeing the Silks
Chapter VII. Twentieth Century Silk
Chapter VIII. Useful Accessories
Chapter IX. Liaison Tricks
Chapter X. Tricks with Silks
Chapter XI. Knots, Ties and Flourishes
Chapter XII. The Stillwell Silk Act

Silk Handkerchief Trick Jean Hugard

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Silken Sorcery
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