Nine Card Problem Magic Trick By Jim Steinmeyer

Want to know how to perform the Nine-card Problem magic trick by Jim Steinmeyer?

For the uninitiated, Jim Steinmeyer is the illusion designer behind the famous vanishing and reappearance of Statue Liberty illusion performed by David Copperfield in 1983.

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Jim Steinmeyer published this card trick as “The Nine Card Problem” in MAGIC Magazine (May 1993), and later in his own booklet Impuzzibilities Series (3) Subsequent Impuzzibilities.

Nine Card Problem magic trick

Anyway, this is one card trick which is easy to learn and perform.

This is one amazingly simple, yet powerful magic trick, you are sure to fool your friends or family members.

Check out this self-working Nine-card Problem trick created by Jim Steinmeyer.

Nine Card Problem Magic Trick Jim Steinmeyer

You don’t need any shuffling skill, sleight of hand, palming or help from a stooge.

It is more of a mathematical trick.

You just do it all by yourself and it works like magic, so to speak.

It is known as Nine Card Problem card trick or M-A-G-I-C card trick.

1. Get a deck of playing cards.

2. Shuffle them as you normal do, and then deal the nine cards face down into three piles. In other words, three cards in each pile. You put away the rest of the cards.

3. Ask some one to choose or point out one out at any of the three piles. Then you turn the selected pile over to reveal or show the card below.

4. IMPORTANT: Now you stack the other two unselected piles together first. Then only you stack the selected pile on top of them.

5. In other words, the selected pile should be on top.

6. Assume the chosen card is the ‘Four of Hearts‘. Then spell out the word F-O-U-R, as you deal one card for one letter, face down onto the table.

7. For this example, you should put down four cards on the table, while the remaining five cards are still in your hand.

8. Now stack the remaining five cards on top of the four cards on the table.

9. Next you spell out or say out any two letters as you deal out two cards on the table face down.

10. Just say A-X or F-U. It doesn’t matter. It just for you to lay out two cards. Then place the remaining seven cards on top of the two cards.

11. Pick up the whole stack of nine cards from the table, and this time spell out the word ‘Hearts’, H-E-A-R-T-S ,as you deal the card face down just like in step 6.

12. Now  there should be six cards on the table, while the remaining three cards in your hand.

13. Again stack the remaining cards on top of the pile on table.

14. Pick up the whole stack and now spell the word M-A-G-I-C  and deal each card at a time just like step 6 or step 11.

15. When you reach the letter ‘C’ (the fifth card), turn that card over and it should be the chosen card!

That’s all.

Check out this interview of Jim Steinmeyer in the November 2003 issue of Genii Magazine.

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