Free Guy Jarrett Stage Illusion Book You Can Download

Get this free Guy Jarrett stage illusion book now, before it magically disappeared, or rather suddenly removed.

It is titled “Magic And Stage Craft Technical“. (public domain)

This 1936 book is loaded with great illusion concepts and Jarrett’s insightful and humorous stories.

Guy Jarrett magician

It is said that about 500 original copies of this classic magic book were printed entirely by hand by the Guy Jarrett himself.

Jarrett produced each copy of this 106-page book by hand, writing it as he set the type on a small letterpress.

He tried selling his self-published to other magicians at his times for $5 each.

Guy Jarrett Stage Illusion Book

Guy Jarrett even advertised in major magic magazines.

But sadly, there response was poor and he destroyed the remaining copies.

In fact, he gave away copies to magicians he liked.

He even gave a copy of “Magic And Stage Craft Technical” to Henry Ford.

In fact, the free online copy which I am sharing with you here, is taken from Ford Motor Archives.

It has hand-written note addressed to Henry Ford and signed by Guy Jarrett, dated 25 August, 1936.

The note reads:

Hope you will find this book of some interest, the mechanics of the illusions and the optical principals (should be principles) may catch your fancy.

Today this 1936 book is now rare and much sought after by many professional magicians to add to their collections.

At the time of writing this post, this “Magic And Stage Craft Technical” by Guy Jarrett is featured in WorthPoint and the estimated price mentioned is USD 1,500 – 2,000.

For those of you who are into stage illusion acts, then you should know the notorious illusion builder Guy Jarrett.

This accomplished technical magician and inventor was extremely scathing about the deficiencies of his fellow illusionists.

He was very difficult to work with and you would find that he was downright arrogant too.

Read the introduction at the beginning of this book “I Say“, and you know why many of his peers then were not so fond of Jarrett, the stage illusionist.

Jarrett is known for constructing stage illusions for T. Nelson Downs aka “The King of Koins“, Howard Thurston, leading Broadway shows, sideshows and the Chicago world’s fairs.

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Thomas Nelson Downs Coin Magician

This prolific innovator in coin magic came up with many innovative moves, that include “Miser’s Dream”, “Back-and-Front Palm”, “Dime and Penny Trick”, etc.

The Art Of Magic Thomas Nelson Downs

The Art Of Magic By Thomas Nelson Downs
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Tricks With Coins; Or Modern Coin Manipulation By Thomas Nelson Downs
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Jarrett invented the first “Thin Model” of the “Sawing Illusion, “Siamese Cabinet, “Bangkok Bungalow” and the “Jarrett Pedestal“.

Jarrett Pedestal Illusion

The valuable contents of “Magic And Stage Craft Technical” are still relevant today.

You can find amazing stage illusions with illustrations and photographs together with detailed explanations.

These are some highlights from “Magic And Stage Craft Technical”:

21 Person Cabinet Illusion

It is also known as “Twenty-one People Cabinet Production“.

It is a cabinet with split curtains in front, four 18-inch legs and is well away from any backdrops.

Amazingly, this cabinet can produce a total of 21 people.

Doug Henning performed the illusion on Feb. 14, 1982 for an NBC television special.

Here is another video clip of the same illusion performed by Scott Alexander.

You can find out how it is done in this book “Jarrett: Magic And Stage Craft Technical“.

Twenty-One Person Cabinet Production Secret

This illustration is taken from another book, “Conjurers’ Mechanical Secrets” (link to the free book below).

You can also find the famous Jarrett’s “Sawing An Egg” illusion in this book.

Watch this penetration effect trick performed by Alex Ramon over here.

By the way, this stage illusion has exposed by the Masked Magician.

This is another penetration effect called “Thru A Jail Window“.

Magic And Stage Craft Technical Guy Jarrett Book

Jim Steinmeyer Through A Jail Window

Incidentally, Jim Steinmeyer also designed a similar stage illusion of the same name, “Through A Jail Window“.

This walking through solid metal bars trick has been performed by Jason Bishop and Scott and Puck in “Fool Us“, season 2, episode 11.

Jim Steinmeyer Through A Jail window Illusion

You can see the Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through A Jail Window” prop in Craig Dickens’ site here and here.

It is also found in Jim Steinmeyer’s site too.

I think Steinmeyer uses a different method to perform the penetration effect, compared to what is explained in Guy Jarrett’s book.

Bangkok Bungalow Stage Illusion

The famous “Bangkok Bungalow” stage illusion in included in this book.

Guy Jarrett created the “Bangkok Bungalow” in 1908.

He developed the pedestal, “cabinet” base, and dollhouse for this routine.

It was then performed as part of the Howard Thurston show.

The bungalow is a small house into which the assistant allegedly shrunk down and entered. It was then carried offstage.

bangkok bungalow illusion

Famous illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer also published this book back in 1981, and then included this book in his 2001 edition, “The Complete Jarrett“.

Good news to stage magic trick fans:

You can get this rare magic book for FREE online.

Free Guy Jarrett Stage Illusion Book

Luckily, you can still find this long-forgotten classic “Magic And Stage Craft Technical” freely available online.

Even though this book is a public domain now, it’s best you have it download for your own keeping.

Table Of Contents:

I Say
Twenty-one People Cabinet Production
– Presentation on a clear stage
– The Explanation Sawing A Woman In Two
My Sawing
Sawing An Egg
The Bangkok Bungalow
Easel – Pedestal, in the G. V. Follies
The Charlatan
Easel And Star Trap
Bottle Box
Flower Cone
Curtained Cabinet Without A Base
Buried Alive
Floating Table
Thru A Jail Window
Walk Out Of A Rope Tie
Plank And Chains
Water Barrel Escape
Grandfather’s Mirror Illusion
Sack And Bolt Escape
A Camel Back Trunk
Coat, Hat And Sphinx Table
Fefi, Streets of Paris Chicago Fair
Tenagra – Little Venus on the Half-shell
Shuttle Table For Pigeons
Otto Hornman’s Own Ring Move
Catching A Live Pigeon In The Air
A Free Walking Figure
Sheet Metal Box
Vanishing Polly Cage
Water Tank Escape
Girl, Boy And Sack
Whirling Tire
Coat Tie
Magic In The Chicago Fair
Life Show
The Micro Show
Telling Time
Matches And Steel Bar
Dilger’s Candle Stick
Ghost Show
Lambs Blood
The Nightingale And The Rose
Thurston’s Patented Steamship
Spear And Arrow In Crane Wilbur Drama
Spirit Paintings
Frozen In A Cake Of Ice
David Devant
Kellar Show To Thurston
Ching Ling Foo
Women Magi
The Old Pipe Trick
Cigarette Vanish
Coin Vanish
Coin Feke
Illusions From World Renowned Inventors
Improved Old Illusions
Girl Without A Middle
Up Side Down
Substitution Trunk
Belasco’s Mimi
Sample Spectator Of A Magic Show
Moving Pictures With Perspective
Vanishing Auto
Vanishing Elephant
The Kid Show Attractions
– Hole in the tongue
– Martha
– Lentini
– Jean
– Half man and half woman
– Chastity Belt
Revolving Cabinet
“Knock ’em dead.”
A positive mind read
The Fall Of Show Business
Fish Bowl Table
Magic Show
Not how books are usually published

Magic And Stage Craft Technical Guy Jarrett

Magic And Stage Craft Technical By Guy Jarrett
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You can find Guy Jarrett’s “Twenty-One Person Cabinet“, “Bangkok Bungalow” and “Jarrett Pedestal” in this Sam H. Sharpe’s book.

Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets S. H. Sharpe

Conjurers’ Mechanical Secrets By S. H. Sharpe
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Note: Link 4 is from Scribd.

For those who want to download it, then paste the link on this Download Scribd site.

The “Bangkok Baungalow” in also included in this book by Eric Van Duzer.

Seven Basic Secrets Of Illusion Design

The Seven Basic Secrets of Illusions By Eric Van Duzer
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