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Want to watch the free Hear The Wind Sing movie with English subtitles online?

I am talking about the 1981 Japanese movie “Hear The wind Sing” (Kaze no uta o kike, 風の歌を聴け) which is adapted from the first novel of the same name written by Haruki Murakami.

Hear the Wind Sing is the first book in Murakami’s Trilogy of the Rat (Hear the Wind Sing, Pinball, A Wild Sheep Chase).

In fact, this book won Murakami the prestigious Gunzo literary award.

All three novels feature an unnamed narrator, a student (“I”) and his friend (“Rat”), and about their surreal adventures in the Seventies.

Hear The Wind Sing movie

Hear The Wind Sing Movie Free Online

It is basically about this student’s return from Tokyo to his seaside hometown in Kobe during the summer school break.

The story revolves around the relationship and the happenings of the unnamed protagonist and his buddy nicknamed “Rat”, music (jazz and rock and roll), beer, record store, cigarettes, class inequality, french fries, pinball and the girl with a missing pinky finger.

The location of the story is mostly in Hyogo Prefecture, but no precise location is mentioned.

The location of Jay’s Bar in the movie is actually shot in the bar in Kobe called Half Time Bar.

This 1 hour 35 minute long movie is directed by Kazuki Omori, who also wrote the screenplay.

It stars Kaoru Kobayashi (the protaganist), Kimie Shingyoji (girl with missing pinkie), Kai Ato, Masato Furuoya, Masasuke Hirose, Tsutomu Kariba, Kazuo Kuroki, Koichi Makigami (The Rat), Shigeru Muroi, Hajime Nishizuka and Akira Sakata.

The song “California Girls” by The Beach Boys and the scene the deejay (DJ) talking to his listeners, dedicating songs of this Japanese movie will definitely remind you of the late Wolfman Jack in 1973 film “American Graffiti” directed by George Lucas.

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