Rie Miyazawa Daring Photos In Santa Fe Controversy

Heard about Rie Miyazawa daring photos in Santa Fe?

Back in 1991, gorgeous Rie Miyazawa, the then almost 18 year-old Japanese model stunned and shook Japan with her book.

The young sweet-looking Japanese model Miyazawa daring photos were featured in the book titled “Santa Fe“.

The photos in the book was shot by photographer Kishin Shinoyama.

Rie Miyazawa Ddaring photos

Shinoyama was the lensman who shot the photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono kissing, for the album cover of “Double Fantasy“.

Incidentally, ten months before he did for “Santa Fe”, Shinoyama did another daring photo-shoots of Kanako Higuchi for the book “Water Fruit”.

Rie Miyazawa Daring Photos In Santa Fe

“Santa Fe” was released on November 13, 1991 and the book had a great influence on the artistic photography.

This book sold 1.55 million copies!

“Santa Fe” features photographs of aidoru tarento Rie Miyazawa lounging in a various seductive poses both outside among the desert landscape and indoors at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is the book which launched Miyazawa’s career.

From there, she appeared in various films, television shows, commercials, stage appearances and photo books.

It was reported last year (2015), under the revisions to the child pornography prohibition law in Japan, police may now view possession of “Santa Fe” to be illegal.

Because Miyazawa was still under the age of 18 at the time of the shoot for “Santa Fe”.

To find out what I meant by daring photos or pictures, you can view some pictures from her book.

You just search them at Google Images.

Type in: Santa Fe Rie Miyazawa (NSFW)

Do you know that Muyakaza made her debut in an advertisement for Kit Kat when she was 11?

She also acted in “Tony Takitani“, a 2004 film adapted from the bestselling Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s short story with the same title.

You can find the 3-part documentary about Rie Miyazawa over at YouTube, starting from here.

In 2001, Rie Miyazawa appeared in a Hong Kong period drama film titled “Peony Pavilion“, together with Joey Wang, Daniel Wu and Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia.

This movie was written and directed by Yonfan.

Model-actress Miyazawa won Best Actress Award for the aforementioned movie at the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival in 2001.

rie miyazawa peony pavilion movieYou can watch her in the Mandarin movie “Peony Pavilion” here.

In 2019, Miyazawa acted in the film titled “No Longer Human” (人間失格, Ningen Shikkaku).

It is adapted from the 1948 Japanese novel by the late Osamu Dazai.