Haruki Murakami New Book 2022: Novelist As A Vocation

This is Japanese writer Haruki Murakami new book 2022, titled “Novelist As A Vocation” translated to English by Philip
Gabriel and Ted Goosen.

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The original book in Japanese (職業としての 小説家, Shokugyō to shite no shōsetsuka) was published in 2015.

Haruki Murakami Novelists As A Vocation Japanese

There are eleven (11) essays in this newly translated book, written between 2010 and 2015.

It is a blend of writing career advice and autobiography.

We learn about Murukami’s journey from a student to jazz-bar
owner (Peter Cat) to internationally bestselling novelist, whose work has been translated into more than 50 languages, and adapted into movies and short films.

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Haruki Murakami New Book 2022

Haruki Murakami new book 2022

He talks about his writing career, insight on how he became a novelist, writing advice for aspiring writers based on his career and experiences, and the importance of exercise for his writings.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

In fact, Haruki Murakami has already written a non-fiction
book about the relationship between writing and the body in “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” back in 2008.

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If you a devoted fan of Haruki Murukami aka Harukists, I am dead sure you are familiar with his story how he got his start as
an author.

The epiphany that led Murakami to become a novelist, happened one bright April afternoon 1978 at a Tokyo baseball game.

The sky was a sparkling blue,” he remembers, “the draft beer as cold as cold could be, and the ball strikingly white against the green field. … In that instant, and based on no grounds whatsoever, it suddenly struck me: I think I can write a novel.

After the match, Murakami took the train to Shinjuku, went to the Kinokuniya bookstore, picked up some writing paper, and splurged on a Sailor fountain pen for two thousand yen

From that night onward, Haruki Murakami got home from work, he sat at my kitchen table and started writing.

After the six or so months layer, he wrote his first novel “Hear The Wind Sing” (風の歌を聴け, Kaze no uta o kike).

It first appeared in the June 1979 issue of Gunzo (群像) a Japanese monthly literary magazine, and published as a book the following month.

In 1987, an English translation of “Hear the Wind Sing” by Alfred Birnbaum was launched.

These are some of advice on writing taken from the fifth essay, “So What Should I Write About?” from Haruki Murakami new book 2022 “Novelist As A Vocation:

 I think the first task for the aspiring novelist is to read tons of novels. … Everything you can get your hands on—great novels, not-so-great novels, crappy novels, it doesn’t matter (at all!) as long as you keep reading.

Absorb as many stories as you physically can. Introduce yourself to lots of great writing. To lots of mediocre writing, too.

..before you start writing your own stuff, make a habit of looking at things and events in more detail. Observe what is going on around you and the people you encounter as closely and as deeply as you can. Reflect on what you see.

For Murakami fans or Harukists who are not into writing, this Haruki Murakami latest book still offers an interesting and intimate look into the daily workings of a professional successful writer.

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Haruki Murakami latest book 2022

Novelist As A Vocation By Haruki Murakami Translated By Philip Gabriel and Ted Goosen
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