Watch TV Sohu Free Outside China With FoxyProxy

Do you know you can watch TV Sohu free outside China with just a free proxy server like FoxyProxy?

Note: This is an updated blog post.

The original post was published in way back year 2017.

Since then, the world of streaming video websites has changed so much.

Back in those days, I have been watching free movies and TV series from this Chinese streaming site.

The best part is:

I have never subscribed to any VPN (virtual private network) or via any proxy server to enjoy all the freely available content.

Yes, I am talking about TV Sohu (搜狐视频).

TV Sohu free outside China

The site which offers movies from United States, Europe, Japan, China and Korea.

Besides movies, it also has anime, TV series, variety show, entertainment, sports, news, documentary, comedy and and also Sohu self-produced shows.

As I have mentioned above, I have been watching its free shows outside the Mainland China, directly from Malaysia.

As you know, there are two proper ways to unblock or access movies or TV shows streaming from China-based websites.

They are: VPN and a proxy server.

These days (year 2020), you cannot get to enjoy its free movies with just a click.

You need to access TV Sohu shows with VPN or a proxy server.

Watch TV Sohu Free Outside China

Presently if I want to watch TV Sohu free movies, I access it through the free proxy server, FoxyProxy.

This is how I do it:

First you need to install FoxyProxy Add-on to your FireFox.

Here is a tutorial on how to install and use FoxyProxy.

You want to watch streaming movies from China-based websites.

That means you have to setup a China IP address on your FoxyProxy.

You can get a whole list of China IP addresses from the internet.

Not all the China IP addresses will work perfectly.

You have to try them out on your FoxyProxy.

Before you set your FoxyProxy using China IP address, you open Sohu TV homepage on your Firefox.

Next you set your FoxyProxy with the China IP address.

Then you reload TV Sohu homepage again, by clicking on the “Reload current page” icon (curved arrow) on the address bar.

If you have problem accessing TV Sohu, then probably you need to change to another China IP address.

If it is working, then you can start watching the free movies right away.

You will encounter those common connectivity problems as I have mentioned above when watching trailers.

After you have clicked on the free full-length feature movie or TV series, you will see the same opening sequence just when you watch trailers, as explained above.

A red and black spinning circle,  image appears, blank screen, followed by Sohu TV logo and then another spinning circle with the number of downloading percentage in the middle.

Then the movie begins.

If nothing happens and you don’t see any data transferring or connection at the task bar (bottom of the screen), then need to reload.

Remember, you can only watch those limited free full movies.

But not from those movies as shown on the TV Sohu site.

Free movies are the one where there is no any indication on the top right hand corner of the movie posters.

watch Sohu TV free movies with FoxyProxy

When you watch the free movie, it will open another page with the details of that particular movie.

For those who living outside Mainland China and still haven’t access this Chinese video streaming site, check it out now.

Happy viewing TV Sohu free outside China.