Free Esquire Magazine February 1934

Before you read your free Esquire magazine February 1934 issue, let’s check out some of its highlights, together with some related stories.

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Again the cover of this issue was designed by the well-known American caricaturist Sam Berman.

You can view Sam Berman’s caricature drawings here.

free esquire magazine february 1934

Free Esquire Magazine February 1934

Among the selection of fictions in this third issue of ESQUIRE magazine February 1934, is “The Man In the Black Hat” by the then 28 year old Michael Fessier.

michael fessier esquire magazine

This is his first published story for ESQUIRE.

The story is about a gambler who has nothing to lose as his shady past with women and cards catch up to him.

It has been anthologized several times, and also adapted for radio and television (The Philco Television Playhouse).

You can also read this short story “The Man In The Black Hat” over here.

It is also included in 1942 “The Other Worlds: 25 Modern Stories Of Mystery And Imagination“.

Michael Fessier was also a movie and television scriptwriter.

Fessier co-wrote the scripts for movies such as “You’ll Never Get Rich”, “You Were Never Lovelier”, “It All Came True”, “Valley of the Giants” and “Angels Wash Their Faces.”

You can watch all these movies free online:

You'll Never Get Rich michael fessier

You’ll Never Get Rich (1941)
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You Were Never Lovelier michael fessier
You Were Never Lovelier (1942)
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It All Came True (1940)
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valley of the giants free movie
Valley Of The Giants (1938)
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The Angels Wash Their Faces michael fessier
The Angels Wash Their Faces (1939)
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His stories were published in various magazines that include “Cosmopolitan”, “The Saturday Evening Post”, “Collier’s”, “Mystery Digest” and “Ellen’s Queen Mystery Magazine”.

James Thorne Smith Topper

In this same free ESQUIRE February 1934 issue, you find American writer of humorous supernatural fantasy fiction James Thorne Smith‘s story “Yonder’s Henry!“.

thorne smith esquire magazine stories

Thorne Smith is best known for his two popular Topper novels.

The first “Topper” was published in 1926, and its sequel, “Topper Takes A Trip” in 1932.

topper takes a trip free online

You can read “Topper” free online here, and “Topper Takes A Triphere.

The Topper was so successful, it was also adapted into a successful movie with two sequels, a top radio program and a popular TV series.

The first film adaptation is a 1937 movie, starring Cary Grant as George Kerby, Constance Bennett as Marion Kerby, and Roland Young as Cosmo Topper.

The two sequels are 1939 “Topper Takes A Trip”  and 1941 “Topper Returns“. The latter film was not based on a book.

You can watch the three free black & white movies online.

Topper movie thorne smith

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topper takes a trip film free

Topper Takes A Trip
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Topper Returns
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NOTE: You can watch some of the episodes of the TV adaptation of Topper also at YouTube

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Night Life Of The Gods

By the way, his is another one of Thorne Smith’s novels which was turned into a movie with the same name, “Night Life Of The Gods“.

free esquire magazine articles

This back and white fantasy film is about an inventor who devises a ray that can turn people to stone and bring statues to life.

You can read the free book any of these: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4

To watch the free movie “Night Life Of The Gods” online, click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2.

For those who like to know more about Thorne Smith, go to his official website.

ESQUIRE Cartoons

For those of you who are into art of cartooning and illustrations, you would love the works of Sydney Hoffman and Roy Nelson in this free Esquire magazine February 1934.

Sydney Hoffberg

In this issue, you can enjoy the humorous works of the late American gag cartoonist, illustrator and children’s author Sydney Hoffberg aka Syd Hoff.

Syd Hoff is best known for his 1958 children’s book “Danny And The Dinosaur“.

esquire classic free

It has sold over ten million copies and has been translated into a dozen languages

To view the free “Danny And The Dinosaur“, click on either
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His cartoons appeared in many publications including the New Yorker, ESQUIRE, and Look magazine.

Check out some of his gags from his 1963 “From Bed To Nurse, Or What A Way To Die” over here.

free esquire magazine cartoons

You can view many of his free books from Internet Archive.

Check out Syd Hoff’s official website to view some of his work.

Roy Nelson Cartoonist

You can find cartoonist and caricaturist Roy Nelson’s cute little cartoons sprinkled over the pages 30, 31, 44 and 126.

In fact, Nelson started contributed his cartoons to ESQUIRE magazine, right from the first issue in October 1933.

Check out some of Roy Paul Nelson’s art work here.

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paul nelson cartoons esquire magazine

Free Books Of Cartooning By Roy Paul Nelson

Check out his popular book “The Art Of Cartooning” and other free books on illustrations and publication design by Roy Paul Nelson here.

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Free ESQUIRE Magazine February 1934
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