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Info Ruckus: The Rowdiest Site On The Net

Info Ruckus is a rousing and rollicking blog.

The rowdiest site on the Net.

Buzzing with content that informs, entertains, amuses, amazes, provokes, intrigues and even contradicts.

It is a free-for-all ruckus room, where anyone can enjoy, engage, or be enlightened, and be enraged too.

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Bustling with a mingle-mangle of essential, exciting, eccentric, esoteric and extraordinary stuff.

It can be fundamental, fun, far-fetch, formidable, or forbidden.

In other words, the useful, unusual, unexplained, unmentionable and also the unsettling.

Info Ruckus: Magic And Awe

Info Ruckus is about magic and awe.

MAGIC in every sense of the word.

Anything got to do with curiosity, awe, mystery, wonder or weird, fantasy, imagination and creativity.

Info Ruckus: Magic, Mystery, Mirth, Mayhem, And Madness

Info Ruckus Blog Kher Cheng Guan

In short, it is filled with magic, mystery, mirth, mayhem and madness.

Its mission is to share the magic of wonder and awe.

Links To Free Stuff

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Besides the wonderous content, you get to read free publications, watch TV shows and movies.

Either read online or download free books and magazines, old and new.

Be they free domain or freely and readily available online.

Watch old classic or exploitative films, and even the latest blockbusters.

Explore this one noisy happening place to feed your curiosity and get your information fix.

You have been warned:

Prepare yourself to be astonished, to be inspired, to be smarten up, to be entertained and to befuddled.

It is wise to abandon your logic, rationality, ethnic, sanity and sensibility aside, before you enter Info Ruckus.

Just bring yourself and your sense of curiosity and fun.

Shhh… I want to tell you a secret!

Info Ruckus is the only quirky lifestyle blog to read, before you die… of  boredom and dreariness.

Anyway, if you are still lost….

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