Free Propless Mentalism Book By Mark Elsdon

Are you looking for the free propless mentalism book by Mark Elsdon, with impromptu effects you can perform without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks?

Propless simply means without the help of a prop to perform the trick; for instance a box, a thumb tip, a piece of a silk handkerchief, a strain of invisible thread or a PK magnetic ring.

With just this free magic book, you can perform a whole act of stunning acts anywhere.

What are they?

From casual predictions, mind reading, influencing a person’s actions, to making a person to lose his strength, moving a compass needle (an application on a smart phone) and traveling through time.

free propless mentalism book

If you are new to mentalism or mental magic, then you can consider this book as a mini-manual of mentalism principles and techniques.

From this book, you get to study how Mark Elsdon applies the different principles to achieve the various startling effects.

The best part is, you can use the principles here to come out with your own personalized magic tricks.

So, should that get you all pumped up?

Then, keep reading…

In this 36-page booklet “Conversation As Mentalism Volume 2” by magician extraordinaire Mark Elsdon, there are nine (9) mentalism effects.

The nine tricks are:

1. Shmagnetless:
Picture this. You seem to have a psychokinetic ability to move the needle on a borrowed cell phone compass (from the App Store) with the power of your mind.

It looks like you can even transfer your amazing feat to the participant.

The movement might be be small and subtle but it does work.

2. Tri-mpromptu:
A prediction is made. Three objects are placed on the table.

The participant picks one, another one is taken by you and the last is left in the middle.

When the prediction is revealed, it states who has which object.

3. Bet On L.A:
A word puzzle is introduced and a participant correctly guesses the answer.

4. Animal Magnetism:
Call up a strong young man from the audience. You magically take away his strength.

Then get him to perform several simple tasks and surprisingly he is unable to do so because of his lack of strength.

5. Wanted: Ad:
This is really a fun effect that you can perform with most magazines or newspapers.

A page is ripped up and the spectator removes a random piece selecting a word or image.

You reads the participant’s mind and reveals the exact word!

6. Pre-fingered:
A spectator selects a finger and you are able to predict which he/she would choose.

7. (Back) To The Future:
In this effect, it seems you can make a participant travel forward in time with them, his watch changes and even his/her drink is no longer hot.

8. Bookless Book Test Know-How:
You have the astonishing ability to perform a book-test trick without a book.

9. The Red Envelope:
Get a participant to freely selects an imaginary envelope out of three choices (red, blue and green color).

Then he or she decides whether to open the selected envelope with an imaginary letter opener, penknife or a pair of invisible scissors.

Then you predict the outcome.

Basically most of the the tricks in this book merely required words and language.

Equivoque Magic Books

Two of the effects used the technique called equivoque magic.

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Here are some examples of equivoque magic.

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Free Propless Mentalism Book Mark Elsdon

Anyway, to get this free propless mentalism book “Conversation As Mentalism Volume 2” by Mark Elsdon, you just click on any of the links below:
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