The Expanding Cube Illusion And Other Magic Secrets Book Free Download

Have you heard about the famous Expanding Cube Illusion?

You can find the secret in the book “Exclusive Magical Secrets“.

This elaborate stage illusion was created by the French magician Buatier de Kolta.

Basically, it is a small cube (or die) which appears to grow into a large one

Then when lifted up to reveal a woman underneath.

The Expanding Cube Illusion

It is Buatier de Kolta’s final and legendary creation.

It is mentioned in Jim Steinmeyer’s book “Hiding The Elepahant“,  Will Goldston purchased this piece of prop after de Kolta’s death in 1908.

Later Goldston sold Expanding Cube Illusion prop to Harry Houdini aka “The World’s Handcuff King and Prison Breaker”.

Expanding Cube Illusion

Without Houdini’s knowledge or permission, he included this Expanding Cube or Die in this book.

Therefore, escape artist and a magician Houdini was very angry to discover that this Die trick was no longer an exclusive secret.

(source: Hiding The Elephant By Jim Steinmeyer, Arrow Books, 2005, Ch. 12. Houdini, P. 253)

Interestingly, Goldston dedicated this book to Harry Houdini.

This stage illusion is found in Part VII of this book.

Will Goldston had devoted 29 pages on this particular illusion, with ample illustrations.

Levitation of Princess Karnac

The other big secret is the “Kellar’s Floating Lady” or better known as “Levitation of Princess Karnac” is found in this Will Goldston’s book.

For those who are not even into stage magic, I am sure they have come across this familiar poster of Harry Kellar’s levitation act below.

kellar levitation poster

This levitation illusion was Harry Kellar’s most famous act during life-long career.

The performance is where a sleeping woman who rises from the couch.

3 Volumes Exclusive Magical Secrets

The “Exclusive Magical Secrets” was published in 1921.

This is the first volume of the three books by Will Goldston which said to have upset many magicians.

People accused him of revealing their trade secrets allegedly either without permission or without attributing the creators of illusions.

But in “Additional Notes” in the beginning of the book, this was what Will Goldston wrote:

“Some have given me valuable secrets of their own, some have passed on to me secrets they have acquired from others; some have shown me improvements of apparatus and new methods of performance which they have perfected. […] In many cases the explanations printed in this volume were supplied to me expressly for that purpose by the inventors, and are acknowledged accordingly, But in other cases the origin of the particular trick or illusion is not clear, and acknowledgment has not been possible.”

The Famous Locked Book Of Magic

The following two books are: “More Exclusive Magical Secrets” and “Further Exclusive Magical Secrets“.

This original book comes with red leather binding and with a pair of metal clasp between the two covers, for you to lock it up.

So that no one can freely access all the magic trick secrets of this book.

As a result, they called this book as “The Famous Locked Book Of Magic“.

At that time, people had to subscribe to this “Exclusive Magical Secrets” and there were only 1,000 copies available.

Every copy purchased had the name of the subscriber gold-stamped on the cover.

Above all, the subscribers had to sign an agreement not to expose the secrets inside to anyone.

Subsequently, when some of the original subscribers passed away, they buried together with their copy of this book.

Most importantly, if you are a devoted magic collector, you definitely want to get your hand on these three tomes.

Secrets From Famous Illusionists

Among the many of the illusion secrets included here are from: Chung Ling Soo, Harry Houdini, Servais Le Roy, Conradi, Chefalo, Oswald Williams and Chris Van Bern and others, together with some of Goldston’s own ideas.

You can find clearly-drawn illustrations in this amazing conjuring book.

It is divided into twelve parts: Pocket Tricks, Drawing-Room Tricks, Stage Tricks, Chinese Magic, Magic Tips, Harry Houdini’s Tricks, Buatier de Kolta, Comedy Tricks, Quick Changes, Automata, Juggling and Stage Illusions.

Here is the list of the person behind each trick in this book.

Famous Tricks And Illusions

There are lots of great tricks and illusions.

For example: The Disappearing Piano, The Flying Lamp, The Lady who Revolves in Mid-Air and The Tea Chest Mystery.

There are lots of concepts and ideas from these old magic tricks which you can improvise and come up with your own magical innovations.

This magic e-book found online is from a new edition published by Dover Publications.

The cover featured one of the famous posters of Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer, Harry Houdini.

Professor Hoffmann wrote the Introduction of “Exclusive Magical Secrets“.

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