Houdini Block Escape Secret Revealed And Explained

Do you want to know the Houdini Block Escape secret of getting the wooden block to penetrate through the rope or cord?

Well, this is what I think how this rope through block trick is done.

Yes, it’s my version of Houdini Escape Block solution.

As always, it is just my two pennies’ worth.

I am putting my head on the block, as my guesswork could be dead wrong.

Houdini Block Escape By Magic Wagon

Disclaimer: I do not own Houdini Block Escape by Magic Wagon and I do not know exactly how the wooden block could penetrate through the cord/rope.

As usual, it’s just my assumption based on findings by watching the video clips on YouTube.

I know a wee bit about the magic principles and the methods of conjuring tricks.

If not, then I will be putting rope to the eye of a needle.

Houdini Block Escape Secret

Houdini Escape Block Instruction

The effect is:

The performer displays a block of wood which has a hole running through its center and a length of rope or cord.

The performer threads the rope through the hole in the middle of the block.

Then he places it on the elevated stand.

A handle-like reversed U-shaped frame is slotted onto the stand over the wooden block with the cord running through it.

The two ends of the cord are placed at each end of the stand and always in full view.

The wooden block is now locked within the frame.

Now the performer slowly pushes the wooden block out from the frame and the stand.

Magically, the wooden block manages to free itself from the cord.

This is the video of Houdini Escape Block:

The cord or rope is still in one piece resting on the elevated stand with the frame above.

Basically Houdini Block Escape by Magic Wagon is a penetration illusion.

The solid wooden block magically goes through the rope/cord.

This block off the rope is inspired by Jack Hughes’ Cuban Release.

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It is different from Block Off Cord (Blok-Kord), Cobra Cord Magic Trick, Houdini Block Escape by Arlen Studios, or Block And Rope Escape by Michael Smilek.

All these tricks do not use a stand and frame, they use only a block and a long rope.

The secret is in the deceptive looping of the rope around the block.

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Magic Digest; Fun Magic For Everyone by George B. Anderson

It is under “Block And Cord” on pages 196 -198

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Houdini Block Escape Solution

This is how I usually do my research on how a magic trick is done.

Firstly, I study the design of the prop or the apparatus.

I know the wooden block is solid and there is no hidden gimmick in it.

It is also because the way the performer presents it; casual and very assured that there is nothing up their sleeves.

However, there is one obvious suspicion and that is the rope; it appears rather stiff.

Next, I closely observed how they perform the trick and handle the prop.

I can see all of them pulling or tugging the cord or rope, after they place the inverted U-shaped frame onto the stand.

As the wooden block or cube has no gimmick, therefore I focused my probing on the rope, the elevated stand, and the handle-like inverted-U shaped frame.

Houdini Block Escape By Magic Wagon Explained

Even though the performers try to convince us that it is a regular rope by pulling it.

I noticed their hands keep holding onto the same spot of the rope.

It is from this Jay’s World of Magic & Mystery video, I confirmed my suspicion about the gaffed rope.

Before and after doing the trick, his left hand fingers and thumb keep holding or rather hiding the same area of the rope.

Then when he places the rope on the table, he purposely positions a certain part of the rope off the camera view.

You can see the performer moves the white stiff rope off the camera view, and then returns with a different supple rope from this snippet.

This is what magicians called it Switch or Switching.

This time he confidently pulling and swinging it at both ends.

As a result, I know for sure there must be a gimmick in the rope.

As usual I managed to find a video clip which carelessly exposed the gimmick in the rope right under my eyes.

Anyway, before I saw the gimmick, I knew all along it is similar to Pavel Super Walking Knot rope.

Snap Fastener Or Magnet

For Pavel Super Walking Knot rope trick, it uses a snap fastener.

But for this Houdini Block Escape, I think it uses a magnet.

The rope is joined together with a magnet as seen below:

houdini escape block revealed

This is another one caught from the video clip.

Rope Through Block Trick Explained

Just like some of the cut-and-restore rope tricks, they used either a magnet or a snap fastener to join back the rope.

As for this block-rope penetration trick, I think it uses a magnet.

Houdini Block Escape Stand

The next item is the elevated stand.

Initially I though there might be a hidden rope running from one end of the side slot to the other via the base of the stand.

Something like Houdini’s Rope trick featured in Jim Steinmeyer ‘s book “Device And Illusion“.

Then I scrutinized the handle-like frame locking on top of the wooden block.

After watching the performance, I find it doesn’t really serve any function to the prop.

Why must they slot in the frame around the wood block?

After all, when they perform the trick, they just push or knock out the block of wood.

To me, this frame is redundant, unless it is there to conspires with the trick.

I searched for a poorly performed video clip, where someone might carelessly share me the deep secret of this Houdini Escape Block trick.

Sure enough I found the secret hidden deep inside the frame.

There is a short same white rope embedded inside the narrow slot of the frame.

houdini block escape secret exposed

With these two findings, I piece together the secret of Houdini Escape Block trick.

Houdini Block Escape Secret

So how does the solid wooden block bypass the rope?

The whole secret is:

The cord or rope is disjointed and it is joined back together by this short hidden rope inside the handle.

Before the trick, the jointed cod/rope is threaded through the block.

rope through block trick explained

All of them tug or pull the rope at both ends before they do the trick:

For this video, it is at: 0:28

This performer pulls the rope at: 0:45

The pulling of the rope is very obvious is this video at: 1:13-1:14

This guy pulls it just before he brings the prop toward him at: 0:32.

This video is using the Houdini Escape Block by Magic Wagon and he tugs the cord at: 1:07.

This performer pulls the rope at 0:24, just before he crisscrosses the rope over the handle.

When they pull the jointed cord or rope apart, this is what it looks like:

Houdini Escape Block seretHoudini Escape Block Secret Revealed

The stand is basically to hold the rope in place in the slots.

When they pull or tug at the rope, the two magnetic ends of the rope are separated on each side of the frame.

The two magnetic ends of the rope are now attracted or attached to the hidden short rope inside the handle.

This short rope concealed inside the handle has magnet on each end as well.

In other words, now this short rope connects or joins the two ends of the long rope with the help of the magnet.

Now, there is no rope inside the hole of the wooden block.

The block is now free and alone without the cord or rope.

In other words, the white rope is already one complete rope hidden inside the frame.

The rope now has two disjointed parts, connected or magnetically attached by a short rope.

The long and short of this Houdini Escape Block trick is never overlook the part that handles the whole magic.

The unassuming inverted U-shaped handle.

Now you have the good handle on how Houdini Escape Block by Magic Wagon secret works.

Here is another amazing penetration effect trick with a wooden frame and plexiglass.

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