Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration Trick Exposed And Explained

Do you want to know how the Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration trick is done based on my observations and speculation?

This is one of the latest 2023 creation from Magic Wagon, that is known for designing and manufacturing high quality magic props.

It is similar to the Atomic Glass Penetration aka Peter Warlock Glass Penetration Mystery, that uses only one piece of glass sheet.

peter warlock glass penetration trick

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By the way, it is also identical to the Ultimate Penetration Frame.

The Mystic Window Penetration by Magic Wagon uses four piece of separate glass sheet.

I read in the Magic Cafe forum, among the Magic Wagon glass penetration props, many still preferred the Ultimate Penetration Frame.

I believe the Ultimate Penetration Frame uses two separate glass sheet to achieve the penetration effect.

You can see it is a gap between two pieces of glass where the three brass rods go through as shown in the image below.

Ultimate Penetration Frame Secret Exposed

Let’s continue the Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration trick.

Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration


A heavy-looking wooden frame with four quadrants window.

Insert a glass sheet into each window from the side of the frame.

Place a wooden cover with four small holes onto the front side of the wooden frame.

Shove four brass rods or spikes into the four holes on the cover and they apparently go through the solid glass sheets.

Pull out the the brass rods and remove the wooden cover from the frame.

Mysteriously, all the four pieces of glass sheet  within the frame are still perfectly intact, without a single scratch on them.

Watch the demo of Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration demo video:

So how does this solid through solid magic trick is done without breaking the four sheets of glass?

Glass/Mirror Penetration Trick Methods

Basically all the glass/mirror penetration conjuring tricks used these two methods.

  • shift the glass/mirror
  • a hole in the glass/mirror

I think for this particular close up trick, you have to temporary shift the glass/mirror to make way for the four brass rods/spikes.

Mechanical Magic Trick

The Mystic Mirror Window Penetration is another one of those mechanical magic tricks by Magic Wagon.

The effect is completely self-contained.

In other words, the secret working of this penetration trick is built into the apparatus itself.

The performer just needs to secretly operate the contraption or device which is hidden behind the apparatus or prop.

This device is to reposition the four pieces of glass sheet within the wooden frame, to avoid the four brass rods.

The other Magic Wagons products with built-in mechanism, include the Ultimate Penetration Frame, Atomic Glass Penetration (aka Peter Warlock Penetration), Diamond Block Mystery, Mystic Mirror, Dragon And Tiger Rings Temple, Ghost Glass and Mystic Bottle.

Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration Revealed

My opinion how the Mystic Window Penetration trick works is culled from viewing the two YouTube clips.

As I have mentioned above, the four pieces of glass sheet are mechanically shifted with the help of a device or contraption.

Why do I think the four pieces of glass sheet have being moved or shifted?

Look at the position of the 4 pieces of glass sheet before the trick.

Rods Through Glass Trick

This is the same frame after the trick.

Pass Through Glass Magic Trick

You can clearly see the second picture above, the positions of the four pieces of clear glass sheet have been moved or tampered with somehow.

From the video clip above by Madison, each time before and after (four occasions) the penetration trick, you can see his left hand pressing on top of the wooden frame.

Glass Window Penetration Trick

The first time Madison does it at 5:01 after placing the cover over the glass windows, and then at 5:46, before removing the cover.

Similarly with the performer of the other video clip at 2:25 before inserting the brass rods and 4:22, before lifting out the wooden cover.

Mystic Window Penetration Exposed

No, they are not just holding onto the frame.

Their left thumbs behind the frame are secretly controlling the mechanical device that shifts the four pieces of glass sheet.

This is the device which does the trick; by sliding the four pieces of glass.

Mystic Window Penetration Revealed

That’s is why they never openly show the back view of the Mystic Window Penetration prop.

Should you want to show the back side of the prop to your audience, then you have to block this little secret device with your fingers, as seen below.

Magic Wagon Magic Tricks

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Revealed

It is similar to the Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror trick, which also has a mechanical device behind the prop.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Secret

It is at the center of the prop, just right below the slim horizontal wooden bar.

In the picture below, the device is blocked by his index finger.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Secret

I think there are two individual sheets of mirror set next to each other, as highlighted below.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Revealed

This adjustable Mirror 1 has a hole in the center.

Magic Wagon Penetration Mirror

The hole is hidden behind the Mirror 2below the horizontal wooden bar.

Let’s continue with the Mystic Window Penetration

Mystic Window Penetration Glass Sheet Position

So where do the four pieces of glass sheet go to, so the rods can go through the holes?

I think all the four pieces of glass sheet are shifted to the middle of the frame; with one piece behind the other.

Magic Wagon Mystic Window Penetration Secret

To be precise, the right side glass sheet is behind the left side glass sheet.

Mystic Window Penetration Revealed

NOTE: When I say RIGHT side, I mean your RIGHT side.

I think the left and the right glass sheets are not aligned, when I saw this lower two glass windows reflection.

Mystic Window Penetration Secret

Then I also noticed the inner edges of the right side window are slightly wider than the left side windows.

This is the right side windows.

Rod Through Glass Trick

This is the left side windows.

Spike Through Glass Trick

Probably because the two thin glass sheets on the right side of the frame is a little inside.

Mystic Window Penetration Glass Size

As you can see the size of the thin square glass sheet is about the size of the window.

Mystic Window Penetration Effect

It fits easily between the two adjacent holes as shown below.

Magic Wagon Magic Tricks

But with the detailed cover on the frame, it appears the distance between the two adjacent holes of the left and right windows are closer than it supposed to be.

Magic Wagon Penetration Window Trick

It is because of the pointed edges of the raised diamond-shaped features next to each other.

Through Glass Sheets Magic Illusion This kind of visual misdirection is similar to the Cane Cabinet Illusion prop.

cane cabinet illusion revealed

The column of star design along the cabinet edge and the black border visually mislead the actual distance of the holes from the edge.

Small Holes And Slim Rods

The Mystic Window Penetration frame with the size of approximately 15.6 cms high and 12.6 cms wide, but has four tiny holes.

Not forgetting the very skinny brass rods or spikes.

Through Glass Window Magic Trick

So I reckon the secret of the Mystic Window Penetration is the work of the mechanical device.

It moves the four pieces of thin glass sheet to the middle of the frame to achieve the penetration effect.

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Jim Steinmeyer Liquid Glass Illusion

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