Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon Trick Exposed And Explained

Are you still puzzled by the Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon trick?

Let’s explore how this solid through solid penetration trick is probably done.

Find out how the steel ball could slip past the two intersecting bolts.

Steel Ball Through Bolt Trick

The effect of the Quantum Tunnel trick by Magic Wagon is the same as the steel ball through bolt trick.

But the method is definitely different.

Steel Ball Thru Bolt Magic Trick Revealed

The secret of the steel ball through bolt trick has been exposed in YouTube.

It uses a gimmicked bolt to achieve the penetration effect, as seen above.

But for the Quantum Tunnel, I think it does not used gimmicked brass bolts.

You just drop the steel ball into the wooden tube accordingly as instructed.

It will go past through the two crisscross bolts.

Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon secret


A wooden tube with a hole on each side, two solid brass bolts with accompany nuts and a heavy steel ball.

Thread two bolts through the box, and tightly secured with nuts.

Show the spectator the two crossed bolts blocked the hole in the wooden tube hole.

Drop the steel ball into the wooden tube and you can hear a thud sound, as it hits the bolts.

Mysteriously, the solid steel ball penetrates both brass bolts and it drops out through the bottom of the wooden tube.

Alpha Tunnel T-117 Tenyo Magic

The effect of the 1984 Tenyo Alpha Tunnel T-117 created by Shigeru Sugawara is like the Quantum Tunnel.

Again, the method of the Alpha Tunnel Tenyo trick is different.

The secret is a hidden hole in the gimmicked panel, as seen from its patent.

Alpha Tunnel Tenyo T-117 secret

DicEscape Shigeru Sugawara

There is another pocket trick also by Shigeru Sugawara called “DicEscape“.

Besides having the same penetration effect, the method of the trick is also different.

DicEscape probably has flexible inner walls inside the tube.

As seen from the video, at 1:08 his right hand gives the wooden tube a quick twist and shakes it.

Probably by twisting the tube, it gives a little extra space, so the die could slip past the slim rod. 

DicEscape Trick Secret

Now, let’s watch Magic Wagon Quantum Tunnel trick demo video:

Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon Explained

Observe the meticulous way Brother Bor releases the steel ball into the wooden tube at 2:08.

It seems he positioned the steel ball to his right side of the hole.

Steel Ball Through Bolts Trick

The steel ball just falls through, and there is no other suspicious move.

I think Magic Wagon Quantum Tunnel is a self-contained trick.

Magic Trick Secret In The Prop

My opinion is the secret of the trick is the precision of the prop design.

Both the bolts positions and the steel ball size.

To be exact, the position of the top bolt.

Look closely you notice the holes of the top bolt is slightly off the the center.

The distance of ‘A‘ is marginally wider than ‘B‘.

Magic Wagon Quantum Tunnel Penetration Trick

Steel Ball Penetrates Bolts Trick

But to casual observers, they would not notice this minor difference.

It’s just a hair’s breath, so to speak.

Hence, one side of the two intersecting bolts is a bit wider enough for the steel ball to past through.

In other words, the performer must knows precisely which side of the hole to drop the steel ball.

Secret Dot Indication

If I am not wrong, there is this small white dot marking on top of the wooden tube as an indication.

Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon Explained

Close Up Penetration Trick Exposed

In order to make the penetration trick possible, Brother Bor and Roberto drop the steel ball next to the dot marking.

Wider Gap Between Two Bolts  

This is where I think is the slightly wider gap between the intersecting bolts, for the steel ball to ease through.

After the trick at 2:31, Brother Bor shows the top part of the tube with the white spot, where he has just dropped the steel ball.

Bolts Penetration Effect Magic Trick

From 0:50 the steel ball got stuck twice, is because Roberto purposely let it drop into the other side of hole instead.

Steel Ball Brass Bolts Magic Wagon

Furthermore Roberto tilts the wooden tube to ensure the falling steel ball would definitely drop on the ‘blocked’ side of the hole.

That’s where the gap between two intersecting bolts are narrower.

In summary, this is what I assume how the Quantum Tunnel Magic Wagon penetration trick is done.


Dan Wolf Arm Looking Glass Penetration Trick

Just like the Quantum Tunnel, Dan Wolf’s arm-through mirrorLooking Glass” prop also uses a secret marking.

It is at the edge of the back of the mirror.

I believe it is to guide the performer when rotating the mirror, to bring out the hidden cut-out hole.

This is the indicator position before the trick.

Dan Wolf Looking Glass Trick

This is the indicator position during the penetration trick.

Looking Glass Penetration Trick

You can see the round marking indicator when Paul Roberts spin the “Looking Glass” prop around at 0:58.