Linking Cards Magic Trick Exposed And Explained

Do you want to know the secrets of the linking cards magic trick?

Some of the linking cards magic trick methods mentioned here are my speculations.

They are solely based on viewing the video clips found in YouTube

In addition, there are actual secrets sourced from the books, which are readily available online.

Linking Card Effect

The linking cards magic trick is where you tear out the centers of two or more cards.

Apparently you can link the card rings or card frames together, and then unlink them.

By the way, this is what I think how Mickael Chatelain does his Linkcard trick.

Linkcard Magic Trick By Mickael Chatelain

Linking cards magic trick is similar to the classic Linking Rings or the Chinese Linking Rings.

Linking Card Magic Trick

Basically it is a solid through solid close up magic trick with penetration effect.

There are various methods to achieve the linking cards penetration effect.

You can do it with with normal playing cards, or with a prepared gaffed card.

One of the common methods used in the gaffed card, is a slit or a tear like the linking rings trick with a gap.

Magic Linking Cards Trick

Folded-up Card

The other artifice is using either one or two folded-up cards as shown below.

Linking Cards Effect

Both Paul Harris’ famous “Cardboard Connection” and “Immaculate Connection” used this method.

In this video, you can see Indonesian magician Ryunku Viceroy doing the “Immaculate Connection”.

His thumbs and fingers are gripping onto both folded-up cards.

Rynku Viceroy Linking Cards

Indeed, it is two individual cards folded up and held together.

Rynku Viceroy Card Penetration Trick

Next are those gaffed cards, which need to be prepared before hand.

For instance, “The Complete Card Linking” and “One Card Link” by Sixten Beme, “Hitched” by Andy Hurst.

To make these gimmick cards, one needs to be adept at splitting and splicing cards.

As seen from the demo video, the “Hitched” by Andy Hurst, the tattered card is littered with splittings and slots.

Linking Cards Hitched Andy Hurst

Besides this ruse, you can strap one card to the other to make it looks like they are interlinking.

You can also use the kirigami (切り紙) origami-folding technique or the topological effect.

Presently there are many versions, which include “The Crabtree Connection” by Roger Crabtree, “Chain Of Thought” by Michael Webber, “Linked Card Routine” by Ed Marlo, and “The Linkage” by Sean Fields.

linking cards magic trick

Linking Cards Magic Trick Revealed

Here are some card linking magic tricks and and their secret methods.

Linking Cards Magic Trick Paul Harris

When we talk about the linking cards effect, we are sure to link (no pun intended) it to magician Paul Harris.

Paul Harris Magic Tricks

Let’s start off with Paul Harris’ famous two card-linking tricks: Cardboard Connection and Immaculate Connection.

Both of his ideas are impromptu card tricks.

In other words, they do not use a gaffed card to do the penetration effect.

No gimmick, switches or a gaffed card frame.

Just use any normal playing cards.

Cardboard Connection By Paul Harris

Cardboard Connection Card Trick

This linking cards magic trick was published in the 1977 manuscript titled Cardboard Connection: “The World’s Only Linking Card Routine”.

Cardboard Connection Revealed

From this video, it appears he is using two cards, but actually there are three cards.

Cardboard Connection Trick Method

This third card is concealed behind the bottom card, when he does the double lift from the deck at 0:05.

Paul Harris Cardboard Connection Card Trick

The top card with its face upward, while the other two facing down.

For the Cardboard Connection trick, it uses one folded-up card.

After he has done the secret folded card move, this is what it looks like as indicated.

Cardboard Connection Trick Revealed

The third card is folded up to disguise as the faced-up card.

After the trick, at 0:53 his left thumb drags the third card into his left palm to conceal it.

To find out right away how Paul Harris does it step-by-step, click here.

He even shows various ways to disconnect and dispose the third card.

You can find more links to this book “The Art of Astonishment Book 2” below.

Immaculate Connection By Paul Harris

This impromptu card linking closeup trick is also by Paul Harris.

Again it is performed with three normal playing cards.

Immaculate Connection by Paul Harris Revealed

It also used the folded-up card trick as explained in the Cardboard Connection.

The two folded-up cards which mimic as one card idea used in Paul Harris’ Immaculate Connection, was re-inspired by Jay Sankey’s idea.

READ ALSO: See Jay Sankey uses the two folded-up cards in his torn and restored trick, the Cardboard Contortionists.

Back in 1983, David Copperfield performed the Immaculate Connection trick in CBS television special, “The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue Of Liberty Disappears“.

You can also view Portuguese magician Luis de Matos doing the Immaculate Connection in 1996 ABC TV Special “Champions of Magic” here.

Immaculate Connection Revealed

Here is a video showing you how to do the Immaculate Connection.

Again, you can read the detailed instructions online from his “The Art of Astonishment Book 2”.

By the way the Immaculate Connection linking cards trick is also found in the booklet “New Stars of Magic Vol. 2“.

Check out the two free books below.

Osmosis By Sylvain Mirouf

The Osmosis linking cards magic trick is originally known as Osmose (in French).

Sylvain Mirouf Osmosis Linking Card

It is created by the French illusionist Sylvain Mirouf back in the Seventies.

This four-phase linking cards routine used just 2 normal playing cards.

Basically it is a topological effect, and not a penetration conjuring trick effect.

In short the Osmosis trick is more of a puzzle, and the two cards are solid.

You can find more examples of topological effects below.

Watch Sylvain Mirouf himself performing his Osmosis card linking trick.

Likewise, the Osmosis linking cards magic trick is revealed online from the same Paul Harris’ book.

Best Gosh Darn Impromptu Linking Card Effect You’ll Ever See! By Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne’s impromptu linking card trick needs no preparation of a gimmick card or any setup.

Watch how the late Harry Lorayne his Best Gosh Darn Impromptu Linking Card Effect You’ll Ever See! in this video.

Harry Lorayne Best Impromptu Linking Card Effect Revealed

This is how I do the Harry Lorayne’s impromptu card linking trick, before I found the book below.

Best Gosh Darn Impromptu Linking Card Effect You’ll Ever See Harry Lorayne

This simple linking cards routine is published in his books: Quantum Leaps, Harry Lorayne: The Classic Collection, Volume 3 and Harry Lorayne’s Best Ever Collection Volume 2.

If you want to know precisely how the late Harry Lorayne did it, read it from his another book below.

The trick is called “Best Impromptu Linking Card Effect” in Section VII, pages 222-226.

And Finally! By Harry Lorayne PDF
And Finally! By Harry Lorayne
Click on this: Link

One Card Link By Ben Williams

One Card Link aka OCL a non-impromptu, one-card linking-card effect.

The center of a single card is torn out.

Next the center of the excised piece is torn out, whereupon the resulting ring is magically linked to the card frame.

One Card Link OCL Ben Williams Revealed

I read to make the OCL gimmick card, one needs card splitting skill and the use of a special glue.

One Card Link OCL Revealed

Most likely the concealed tear or gap is on the the inside card ring.

It is around where his index finger keeps holding it as seen at 0:21.

One Card Link By Ben Williams

At 1:27 his right hand pulls down the outer card to insert it into the gaffed card, as seen below.

One Card Link OCL trick Secret

This is a close up view of the slanting slit of the inside or smaller torn card.

OCL Ben Williams Linking Card Trick

Here is the both sides of the same card, where I think the slit or gap is hidden.

Ben Williams One Card Link Magic Trick

I reckon this secret slit opening is camouflaged at the slopping line below the clenched fist of Jack or Knave, as indicated below.

Ben Williams One Card Link Trick

Probably that’s why Ben Williams always tilts the gaffed card when he do the linking or penetration trick.

Ben Williams Linking Card Trick Effect

Impossible Linking Cards By Ralf Rudolph aka Fairmagic

This linking card effect is by Hanover-born German Ralf Rudolph.

I think this Impossible Linking Cards can only perform the linking effect only.

It is advertised as you end the trick with a pair of convincingly looking linked cards, which you can give away.

I read that to make the card you need to split a card and use a special glue to hide the concealed cut line.

It is identical to Ben Williams’ One Card Link.

Impossible Linking Cards Revealed

From the video clips, I think the secret slit is near to one of the corners of the smaller card frame.

When they slips the outer card frame through the slit, they have to use their fingers to hide the penetration effect.

Ralf Rudolph Impossible Linking Cards

In fact both of them keep pressing and pinching at the part of the card to ensure it is securely attached together.

I believe this is the slit opening captured from this video at 0:16 just after he has linked the cards.

Impossible Linking Cards By Ralf Rudolph

When he places the outer frame there is a white color flap moving at the corner of the smaller card at this video 0:57.

Impossible Linking Cards Ralf Rudolph

To view both scenes clearer, slow down the playback speed to 0.25.

Linking Cards By John Riggs

John Rigg’s Linking Cards, you can instantly set it up to repeat the linking and unlinking trick.

According to the book, this version is closely resembles The Crabtree Connection by Roger Crabtree.

It uses a similar center torn-out card folded and palmed it in the hand.

Find out the method of the trick in The Magic Of John Riggs or in The Trapdoor Issues 31, 1989 or the Trapdoor Volume Two.

John Rigg Linking Cards

The Trapdoor (Issues 31-35) By Steve Beam
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4

Smoking Rings By David Forrest

The Smoking Rings is another completely impromptu linking card effect which requires no preparation.

Use only one normal playing card without additional gimmick.

To learn this penetration card trick read this free book.

Smoke Rings David Forrest PDF

Smoke Rings By David Forrest
Click on this: Link

The Boromian Link By Terri Rogers

This visually deceptive linking card trick by transgender English ventriloquist and magician Terri Rogers.

It is based on the topological puzzle the Boromean Rings.

Borromen Rings Topological Puzzle

The performer arranges them in a star pattern.

Then he shakes the cards and one falls becoming inextricably linked onto the other two.

To finish, the performer unlinks the three cards which can be examined by the spectators.

Boromian Link Terri Rogers Revealed

To find out how the perform the Boromian Link by Terri Rogers, read this free book below:

Top Secrets By Terri Rogers PDF Free Download

Top Secrets By Terri Rogers
Click on this: Link

Borromean Rings

If you are know more about the Borromean Rings, read either of these free books by Martin Gardner:

Knots and Borromean Rings, Rep-Tiles, and Eight Queens

The Unexpected Hanging And Other Mathematical Diversions

The Missing Link By Stephen Tucker

I presume the method of The Missing Link by Stephen Tucker is very identical to Paul Harris’ Immaculate Connection.

The Missing Link Spencer Tucker Revealed

He also uses the two folded-up cards trick to simulate as one complete card.

When he opens up the three folded cards, only the front card is fully unfolded.

The other two cards are still folded, but they are held together as shown below.

The Missing Link by Stephen Tucker Revealed

From 0:57 while he is rubbing the cards, he slips the front card through the gap between the two folded-up cards.

In fact, you can see the edge of the top folded-up card and also the gap, where he drops in the front card, as indicated below.

Missing Link By Spencer Tucker

This is how impromptu Spencer Missing Link card trick looks like with the three cards.

Spencer Tucker Linking Cards Trick

To finish up the act, he pretends to tear up the edge of the cards, when actually he just releases his fingers between the two folded-up cards.

At 1:19 when he reveals the second card, you can see the third card hidden inside the palm of his right hand.

Linking Card Trick By Spencer Tucker

Clean Connection By Marc Oberon

It uses two playing cards, with their center parts cut out.

According to his site, the Clean Connection linking card effect by Marc Oberon can be performed impromptu, reset instantly and it is examinable.

Clean Connection By Marc Oberon Revealed

From this short trailer, you can see the card passing through the concealed slit at the bottom of the card frame, held by his left hand.

Clean Connection Marc Oberon

This is the closeup view of the concealed cut-line splitting apart at the card frame.

Clean Connection Linking Card Trick

Again you can see the slit, when Marc Oberon separates the two cards at 0:09.

Clean Connection Linking Card Trick Revealed

From this video, you cannot see the linking effect because his hand blocks it.

But at 0:12 you can catch a glimpse of the gap at the bottom part of the card frame, when Marc Oberon pulls the card out through it.

NOTE: You need to slow down the playback speed to 0.25.

Marc Oberon Clean Connection Linking Card trick

The picture below shows the gimmick flap flicks up, when the other card accidentally scrapes it at 0:42.

Marc Oberon Linking Card Trick

The Vault: Impossible Link By Patricio Teran

The Impossible Link by Patricio Teran, the smaller card frame is the one with the hidden cut.

Impossible Link by Patricio Teran Revealed

Form this trailer, at 0:05 you can see the slit opening at the smaller card frame, when he slashes down the other card through it.

Vault Impossible Link Patricio Teran

At 0:12 again you can see the slit splits wide open, when he hits it onto the frame of the other card.

Impossible Link Patricio Teran Magic Trick

Then at 1:34, the gap of the gimmick card is clearly exposed, when he undo the two linking cards.

Impossible Linking Card Trick By Patricio Teren

To see the three images clearly, slow down the playback speed to 0.25

Hypercards By Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne’s Hypercards is an impromptu trick done without any gaffed card.

Take any two normal playing cards.

Tear holes in both cards.

Visually link and unlink them in front of the spectators.

The two cards never actually linked together, though the illusion of being linked is convincing.

Watch the demo of the Hypercard performed by Andrew Mayne himself.

Andrew Mayne Hypercards Revealed

I think there is a tiny tear at the bottom corner in one of the  cards.

Then he just loops or hang the other card onto the small tear, as seen below.

Hypercards Andrew Mayne Secret

From the demo video, Andrew Mayne does not demonstrate the two card frames are really interlocking together.

They merely attached together, and then Andrew detaches them.

K’LinK By Kris Nevling

This linking card trick K’Link created by Kris Nevling.

I reckon he uses a card splitting slot to achieve the penetration effect.

The method of the K’Link is somewhat similar to the Linkcard by Mickael Chatelain.

Kris merely inserts the card into the top edge of the gaffed Six of Diamonds card, as seen below.

K'Link Card Trick By Kris Nevling

In other words, the two cards are not interlinking.

That’s why he does not dangle or move the so-called the two linking cards all around.

Immediately after the apparently linking effect, Kris ‘separates’ the two cards.

When he slots the blue card into the tear in the Six of Diamonds card, he hides it with his fingers.

K’Link Linking Cards Revealed

I guess this is where the card slips into the concealed slit.

Kris Nevling K'Link Penetration Card Trick

This white torn edge is where the hidden slit is.

K'Link Linking Card Trick Secret Revealed

Probably this is how the gimmick piece looks like.

Penetration Card Trick Secret By Kris Nevling

After he has pulled the card out, his right forefinger keeps pressing onto the secret tear at 0:21.

Linking Card Trick By Kris Nevling

Impossible Linking Card By Jimmy Noetzel

As advertised, this linking cards trick uses ordinary cards, the cards can be borrowed.


Impossible Linking Card by Jimmy Noetzel Revealed

Again I think this linking card effect by Jimmy Noetzel uses the similar method, as K’Link by Kris Nevling.

The smaller card frame mere slots into a tear at the bottom bigger card frame.

Impossible Linking Card Jimmy Noetzel

That’s why Dan Harlan keeps holding onto the same spot.

Furthermore he can only slide the smaller card frame up and down at the bottom corner of the gaffed card.

I believe this is the tear where the card slips in.

Impossible Linking Card Trick By Jimmy Noetzel

The Linking Card Project By Christoph Rossius

It is advertised as a new concept to realize the linking card effect with no manipulation.

From my observation, you have to unlink them, remove the gimmick, then only you can hand both cards out to the spectators for examination.

Christoph Rossius Linking Card Project Revealed

I think the magician’s signed card is attached to another gaffed card with a tear.

After I have an inkling, he uses two cards to pass off as one, I slowed down the video playback speed to confirm my suspicion.

After creasing the Jack of Spades card, when he opens it up, you can see the edges of two cards at 0:36.

Linking Card Prorject Trick

At at 0:41 when his forefinger taps on the card(s), you can it is two folded cards.

The Linking Card Project By Christophe Rossius

Again from 0:42 when tearing out the hole, can see the two cards.

Christophe Rossisus Linking Cards Trick

If I am not wrong, at 0:46 when he opens the card(s), the second bottom card slips out.

The Linking Card Project Magic Trick

Watch how Christophe Rossius handles the cards.

His left forefinger lifts up the front half of the card, then he slots in the spectator’s signed card underneath.

Close Up Trick By Christophe Rossius

I think he also uses the folded-up card method like Paul Harris.

The two white lines at the both sides of card frame are not just creased lines.

Link card Magic Effect By Christophe Rossius

They are joints of both performer’s signed card and the gimmicked card.

You can see the face card picture is not aligned as indicated.

Card Magic Trick Secret Revealed

His signed card is folded up in half and it is attached on top of another card with a tear.

For a clearer explanation, I illustrated the gaffed card in green color.

The perfomer’s signed card (card 1)is folded up in half, and placed on top of a gimmick card (card 2), as seen below:

Linking Cards Trick Method Exposed

This is the gimmick card with a concealed tear or slit, and most probably held together with magnets.

Linking Card Project Christophe Rossius

When the cards are lifted up, the spectator’s card slots in through the tear or slit, as seen below.

Christopher Rossius Card Magic Trick Revealed

Here are two pictures where you can see the tear/slit of the gimmick card separated.

How To Link Cards Together Magic Trick

Linking Cards Comjuring Trick Explained

In fact, you could catch a glimpse of this hidden tear spot under the gimmick card.

Gaffed Linking Card Project By Christophe Rossius

C-Link By Stefanus Alexander

According to the promo, this C-Link linking card trick by Stefanus Alexander brings with a new method, and new variations.

It is not like many other linking card trick effect, where one needs to cover it up with one’s hand.

C-Linking Cards Stefanus Alexander

With C-Link by Stefanus Alexander, you can just link and unlink the to cards right in front of the spctator without hiding behind your hand.

Watch the demo of the C-Link by Stefanus Alexander:

C-Link By Stefanus Alexander Revealed

From his demo video, you can see the the slit opening at the card frame, when he slips in the other card frame.

These are images wher you can see the blue card going through slit at the edge of the red gaffed card.

Linking Card Conjuring Trick Explained

Link Playing Cards Magic Trick By Stefanus Alexander

Below are another two images when he does the second linked-unlinked routine.

Link Solid Through Solid Magic Trick Effect

Close Up Linking Card Trick

In this picture, you can see the slit opening at the back of the card underneath his right forefinger.

Stefanus Alexander C- Link Revealed

This is the overlapping slit opening at the face of the gaffed card.

C-Link Stefanus By Alexander

This is another scene captured from the video clip.

Linking Card Effect Secret

Here are pictures of both the front and the back of the gimmicked card where the hidden slit is.

C-Link Cards Magic Trick

I do not know what method Stefanus Alexander used to hold this slit or his C-Link Linking Cards trick.

The Linking Cards By Karl Fulves

This is a topological card trick by magician and author and editor of publications on magic Karl Fulves.

Linking Cards Trick Karl Fulves

Get two cards and a scarf or a large handkerchief.

Tear out the center of both cards to form two frames and place them under the scarf/handkerchief.

Then slide both card frames out to show they are now linked.

Find the secret from his book below.

More Self-Working Crd Tricks Karl Fulves PDF

More Self-Working Card Tricks: 88 Foolproof Card Miracles For The Amateur Magician By Karl Fulves
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Topological Effects And Kirigami

These paper linking rings tricks are based on the topological technique.

Conjunction By Joseph Quinn

One of the popular linking paper loops tricks is the “Conjunction” by Joshua Quinn.

Conjunction By Joshua Quinn PDF

The method is in the tearing a business card into two linked rings.

You can read the detailed explanation how to do the “Conjunction”, but without accompanied pictures.

Click here to find out how Joshua Quinn does it.

Kirigami Odin’s Triangles

The “Odin’s Triangles” aka “Walknots” is a topological puzzle based on the classic ‘kirigami rings’.

The paper is folded and cut in special way, and out come three interlaced triangles.

Odin's Triangles Topological Trick

It is similar to the Isao Komine’s “Kirigami Rings” published in The New York Magic Symposium Collection Five by Stephen Minch.

Find out how the “Odin’s Triangles” is done from the book below:

Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes magic trick

Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes By Gianni A. Sarcone, Marie-Jo Waeber
Click on this: Link

NOTE: You can get this complete free book from the Z-Library.

Interlocking Paper Rings

Besides making two interlocking rings, and two permanently interlocking ring, you can make symbols, signs and other amazing designs.

Check out the free book below by entertainer and origamist Jeremy Shafer.

Origami To Astonish And Amuse Jeremy Shafer PDF

Origami To Astonish And Amuse By Jeremy Shafer
Click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2, Link

The Card Chain Puzzle

This is not a magic trick, but a puzzle performed with a piece of cardboard.

Card Chain Puzzle

Cut a single large piece of cardboard to form a seven-link chain.

Every link is one piece solid with no gluing or taping.

This linking card chain puzzle is on page 301 in this 1858 book below.

The Sociable Or, One Thousand and One Home Amusements

The Sociable: Or 1001 Home Amusements By George Arnold
Click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2

The Cardboard Chain

This paper link puzzle is similar to the one above.

Use a piece of cardboard to cut an unbroken paper linking chain as seen below.

Cardboard Paper Chain

You can find the solution or secret in this book.

Amusements in Mathematics By Henry Ernest Dudeney PDF

Amusements in Mathematics By Henry Ernest Dudeney
Click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2

Afghan Bands

The Afghan Bands is a self-working magic effect.

You cut the long loops of paper or cloth lenfthwise, to produce first two separate loops, then a single double-length loop, and finally two interlocked loops.

Afghan Bands Magic Trick

Mobius Strip August Ferdinand Möbius

The method of the Afghan band trick is based on the topological principle of the Möbius Strip.

The Mobius Strip was named after German mathematician and theoretical astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius.

It was the stage magicians who later termed it the Afghan Bands.

In Professor Hoffmann’s book 1902 book “Modern Magicians Hand Book”, he called it The Mystic Afghan Bands.

NOTE: It is in this 21 free books by Professor Hoffmann.

This puzzling paper loops was mentioned by Gaston Tissandier in the La Nature: Revue Des Sciences No. 705 4 December 1886, page 80.

It is known as ‘Les Bandes de Papier ‘ in the French book “Les Bon Jeudis” by Tom Tit, found in the link below.

READ ALSO: Here more free magical experiments books by Gaston Tissandier and Arthur Good.

You can find the linking paper rings in the English translation of Gaston Tissandier’s works, “Scientific Amusements” by Henry Frith.

Back in the 1890 Rev. J. B. Bartlett wrote an article “A Glimpse of the ‘Fourth Dimension” about the Mobius Strip.

It was published in The Boy’s Own Paper no 589 of 26th April 1890, Lucifer :A Theosophical MagazineVo. 6, Bizarre; Notes and Queries; A Monthly Magazine of History, Folk-lore, Mathematics, Mysticism, Art, Science, Etc (Vol. 7-8).

It is included in “Le livre Des Amusettes: Contenant 104 Amusettes Et 43 Planches” by Toto.

Afghan Bands Topological Puzzle

The Afghan Bands trick can be found in many magic books for beginners and children.

This topological puzzle is featured in the 1922 “Houdini’s Paper Magic” book, as Trewey’s Paper Rings, named after magician Felicien Trewey.

Houdini's Paper Magic Book PDF

The Afghan Bands trick is also found in “Mark Wilson’s Cyclopedia Of Magic: A Complete Course“.

Linking Rubber Bands Tricks

Here are two linking and unlinking rubber bands tricks.

Missing Link by Chris Kenner

This is a popular linking and unlinking rubberbands effect by Chris Kenner, master sleight-of-hand artist.

Use two ordinary rubber bands; one large and one smaller one.

Stretch both rubber bands between the fingers of each hand.

Give a quick tap, the bands instantly and visibly link together.

Watch Chris Kenner does the Missing Link.

In this edited demo video, he does not show both rubber bands are separately stretched before the trick.

At this juncture, I suspected, there is a possibility the two rubber bands could have secretly interlinked hidden in one of his hands.

It is similar to rope tricks, which you hide the twisted ropes or loops in the palm of your hand.

Anyway, find out how to do the concealed interlinking of the rubber bands from Chris Kenner 1992 close up magic book below.

Totally Out Of Control Chris Kenner PDF

Totally Out Of Control By Chris Kenner
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Banded Together By Karl Fulves

Banded Together Rubber Band Magic Trick

There is this two rubber bands are apparently linked and unlinked effect called “Banded Together” found in both Karl Fulves’ books below.

It was inspired by “Elas-Trick” by Ken Crossen.

Big Book Of Magic Tricks Karl Fulves PDF

Big Book Of Magic Tricks By Karl Fulves
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2

The Magic Book By Karl Fulves Free Download

The Magic Book By Karl Fulves
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2

Watch the video of the Banded Together rubber bands trick demonstrated by Julian’s Magician School.

Three Linking Ropes Trick

This popular rope effect uses three single lengths of rope.

Then tie each rope into a loop.

Hold the three rope loops in your hand, and give a quick pull.

Mysteriously, the three individual rope loops, now linked together.

Three Linking Ropes Trick Revealed

Three Linking Ropes Trick Revealed

Generally there are two methods to achieve the linking rope effect.

There is an older item that uses magnetic joints as seen below.

Linking Rope Loops Magic Trick

Linking Rope Trick Secret

It is similar to the Ling King Rope Tricks by E. J. Moore.

Ling King Rope Tricks E J Moore

Then we have the currently popular three color ropes, which is actually a puzzle, rather than a magic trick.

It is in the handing with one of the knots of the ropes, as explained in YouTube video tutorials.

Linking Three Ropes Trick Revealed

Learn how to do it from any of these tutorial videos: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4

Free Rope Magic Tricks Books

Here are four free books on rope magic tricks:

Self Working Rope Tricks Karl Fulves

Self-Working Rope Tricks By Karl Fulves
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2

Abbott's Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks For Magicians

Abbott’s Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks Compiled By Stewart James
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Award-Winning Rope Magic Francis Tabary

The Award-Winning Rope Magic By Francis Tabary
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magical rope ties and escapes houdini ebook

Magical Rope Ties And Escapes By Houdini
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42 Amazing Tricks And Stunts With Ropes Sam Dalal PDF

42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts With Ropes By Sam Dalal
Click on this: Link

Free Books

The Art Of Astonishment Book 2 Paul Harris

The Art of Astonishment: Pieces Of Strange To Unleash the Moment Vol. Two
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2Link 3

The Immaculate Connection Paul Harris PDF

The Immaculate Connection By Paul Harris
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