Free Andrew Mayne Illusion Book Of Ideas & Concepts

Check out this free Andrew Mayne Illusion Book by the same author and creator of Solo-X and Shock F/X.

This 220-page pdf e-book is packed with 100 big illusions and amazing concepts.

If you are planning of putting a club act or even a television special, I am sure you will find something here for you:

There are lots of simple hand-drawn illustrations and diagrams, but without measurements or dimensions specified.

Andrew Mayne also doesn’t include any detailed explanation on how to build the illusions.

You need to use your own dimensions to suit your own size or requirements.

free Andrew Mayne Illusion Book

In this free Andrew Mayne Illusion Book, you can find various traditional ways to make people appear & disappear and penetration effects.

But Mayne has put a new spin and novel ways to perform the stage magic effects.

Free Andrew Mayne Illusion Book

This book of illusions is a collection of brain-dumps, which you are to take the advice and polish in order to develop and build your own original stage illusions.

These are many stunning penetration effects found in this book:

Body penetrated by lighted bulbs

Cut a person in half with a pair of giant scissors

Appear from a small remote control car

Make an elephant disappear without actually owning one

Crawl through a four inch hole

Turn your assistant into a motorcycle

Body pierced by ‘jagged rusty metal’

Step through mirror

Appear with traffic barricades

Blade through body wrapped in armor

Motorcycle appears from billboard

Maelstrom of red rose petals

Disappear in a square frame with curtains

Stagehand disappears from a box

Push a huge card through spectator’s body

Escapes from slamming spikes

Lighted candles through the body in a coffin

And much, much more!

Illusion Book
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