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Nico Heinrich Mentalist

nico heinrich mentalist

The German mentalist Nico Heinrich started out doing magic tricks with rope, cards and balls.

Over time Heinrich became more interested in mentalism.

He devoured every single book on the conjuring art of mentalism he could lay his hands on.

He prefers performing magic tricks with no props and no gimmicks.

Heinrich avoids them wherever he can.

His amazing work is simple, bold, direct, sometimes deep and poetic, but still modern and clean.

His works are influenced by mentalists Jerome Finley, Kenton Knepper and his mentors Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees.

free Dopamine by Nico Heinrich

Free Dopamine By Nico Heinrich

Now, let’s get back to this free e-book “Dopamine” by Nico Heinrich.

This 104-page is filled with presentations, techniques and effects that require very little to zero preparation.

As mentioned in the Overview of the book, just after reading it, you can begin to perform some extremely powerful impromptu effects right away.

The 10 effects are:

It is a hand-off induction, which can be used to find suggestible subject in your audience.

Imperceptible Coin Ruse:
With just a coin, you have the power to make limbs feel numb, to make fears go away and to hypnotize the whole audience.

Pure Numerology:
An impromptu mentalism which you are able to answer merely thought of questions with 100% accuracy.

For this trick you can perform with just a person or to a whole audience before you.

You don’t need props like envelopes, pens or billets. Just their smartphone, which you don’t even need to touch or look at.

Instant Oracle:
With just a business or file card and a pen. Get the participant to tear the card into pieces.

Without looking, you take the some pieces in each hand and concentrate.

You are then able to tell him/her exactly how many pieces are in each hand; and by interpreting those numbers, you can accurately answer his/her thought of question.

For this effect, you can use it with zodiac signs and names too.

This is not really a trick per se, but as a fabulous finale to any hypnosis routine.

You ill leave your participant audience with an amazing feeling.

Ez Billet Opener:
An easy and funny mind reading routine suitable for stage act.

Invisible Paradise:
With just a deck of cards, you can perform this test conditions card prediction.

Minimalist DD:
This is an impromptu drawing duplication trick.

With just one business card, and something to write with, you can perform this mentalism act.

Single Digit Divination:
A divination of a single digit act.

You need to perform this mentalism trick as a prelude to some other bigger effect.

HBT Subtlety:
It is a more deceptive variation on the old Hoy Book Test.

Related: The Hoy Book Test is found in David Edwin Hoy’s 1963 book.

It is called “The Bold Book Test” on page 21-23.

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Dopamine Nico Heinrich Free Book

Dopamine By Nico Heinrich
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