Linking Rings No Gap Trick Explained How It Works

Let me explain how the so-called linking rings no gap trick routine found in Reddit is done.

This linking rings magic trick does not have a key ring with a gap or a break in it.

It is a no cut linking rings magic trick.

Each of the three steel rings is one solid continuous ring.

But, two of the rings are interlinked as a pair.

So how does he able to link and unlink the three rings?

As a cognoscente of magic tricks, I love to find out the methods of magic tricks and stage illusions.

But mostly, I more interested in the psychology behind magic.

Learn how magic tricks play with our perceptions and expectations; thus creating a sense of wonder and mystery.

Linking Rings No Gap Trick explained

Linking Rings No Gap Explained

Before I get to unlock and explain how the linking rings with no gap trick, let’s find pout more about this classic magic act.

Chinese Linking Rings Trick

The basic effect of the Linking Rings is solid metal rings impossibly penetrate through each other, linking and unliking at the will of the magician.

The Linking Rings or popularly known as the Chinese Linking Rings is a classic of magic routine.

Chinese Linking Rings Trick Tutorial

Linking Rings Magic Trick Explained

The secret is one of the rings has a gap or a slit, aka the key ring.

Linking Rings Magic Secret

When the magicians link and unlink them, they use the palm of their hands, or thumbs and forefingers to hide this opening.

Chinese Rings Magic Trick


Shigeru Sugawara Ring And Ribbon Revealed

By the way, this is how the magic trick Ring And Ribbon by Shigeru Sugawara works too.

There is a concealed gap at the ring, as you can see from the image below.

Ring And Ribbon By Shigeru Sugawara

Shiegeru Sugawara used to be one of the creative minds behind the Japanese Tenyo Magic tricks.

Sugawara’s Tenyo creations include: T-141 Mini-Zag, T-86 Ultra Tube, T-132 The Ninja Experiment, T-205 Confined Cubes, T-163 Burglar Ball and T-114 Wonder Window.

Where did the Chinese linking rings come from?

No one really knows the origins of the Linking Rings trick.

There are speculation this linking rings trick could have been from Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East.

The De Subtilitate Of Girolamo Cardano PDF

According Italian polymath Girolamo Cardano’s 1550 book “The De Subtilitate“, he wrote:

...I have seen three rings thrown up and coming down interlinked, though they were unbroken and separate before and while being thrown up.

You can find the “The Magic Rings” in the 1862 book “The Magician’s Own Book, Or, The Whole Art Of Conjuring” by George Arnold and Frank Cahill.

The Magician's Own Book, Or, The Whole Art Of Conjuring

The linking rings trick is also mentioned in 1854 French book “Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée, Physique Occulte Et Cours Complet De Prestidigitation, Vol. 2” by Jean Nicholas Ponsin.

Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée, Physique Occulte Et Cours Complet De Prestidigitation, Vol. 2

Back in the 19th century the Italian painter Giacomo Mantegazza depicted a female performer doing the linking rings magic trick.

Giacomo Mantegazza An idle evening in the seraglio

This is another picture of Japanese man holding up linking rings taken from the 1764 Japanese book “Hōkasen” by Hirase Hose.

Hokasen Linking Rings Trick

Throughout the years, there are many variations available in the market, and even using the coat hangers by Mike Caveney and hula hoops.

Mike Caveney Linking Coat Hangers

Then we have other similar linking closeup magic tricks: linking cards, linking pins, linking paper clips, linking  finger rings, linking rubber bands and linking ropes.

Joe Porper’s Examinable Linking Rings

In 2010, the late Joe Porper came up the examinable linking ring set.

linking rings magic trick revealed

He used the similar gimmick like the Blaney Miracle Hoop for the Walter Blaney Ladder Levitation.

The secret linking gimmick of the key ring is like the necklace or bracelet clasp which it can slide in and out.

The picture below captured the gap at the ring from this video clip at 0:14.

Joe Porper Examinable Linking Ring

Slow down the playback speed to 0:25 and you can see the gap gimmick of the ring, just after he hits it with another normal ring.

Melero Rings By Ernesto Melero

You might like to check out the Venezuelan magic legend Ernesto Melero demonstrating the Melero Rings.

Melero Rings Ernesto Melero Exposed

Nowadays you can buy the key ring which is magnetic and can be locked.

Linking Rings Magnetic Lock

Watch the linking rings magic trick revealed by the Masked Magician here.

Now, let’s explore how the no cut linking rings trick routine is done in the Reddit video.

I am going to explain step-by-step how he could apparently link the three metal rings together, and then separate them.

For clearer understanding, I accompanied each step with a picture, together with remarks and also highlighted the wider ring in orange color.

1. Two Smaller Linked Rings

Firstly, there are two smaller size rings, which are already interlinked.

Then we have a third slightly wider ring.

Linking Rings Trick Explained

Throughout the act, he never openly shows the viewers them as three separate rings, but only by verbally counting them.

At the beginning and the end of the act, the performer hides the two interlinking rings in his hand.

No Gap Linking Rings Explained

2. Single Wider Ring

He begins by passing the third wider ring to his left hand, and quickly lifts up the two interlinked rings.

Then he places the third wider ring over the top ring (highlighted in orange color).

Linking Rings No Gap

This is the position of the third wider ring (orange color) just before it is dropped down.

Chinese Linking Rings Magic Trick

Next he drops it down and it rests on top of the interlinked section of the two rings.

The picture below shows the third wider ring (orange color) is actually straddling over the interlink point of the other two rings (indicated with black arrows).

3. Single Wider Ring Not Linked To Two Rings

This third ring is NOT linked to the two rings.

It is just hanging by itself on top of the two smaller interlinked rings.

Linking Rings Trick Revealed

4. Separate Wider Ring  From Two Interlinked Rings

To end the the linking rings no gap trick, he just pulls down the unlinked third ring away from the two interlinked rings set.

This is the secret how the no gap linking rings magic trick is done.

Tenyo Chinese Linking Rings T-70 Magic Trick

Tenyo Magic Japan also came out with his set of Chinese Linking Rings

Tenyo Chinese Linking Rings

See the linking rings routine explained in Japanese instructions.

Free Books On Linking Rings Tricks

The following is a list of free books on how the linking ring trick works:

Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine Free Book
Jack Miller’s Linking Ring Routine
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Linking Ring Manipulation Dariel Fitzkee PDF

Linking Ring Manipulation By Dariel Fitzkee
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Cellini's Lord Of Th Rings

Cellini’s Lord Of The Rings By E. M. Mcfalls
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The Odin Rings By Victor Farelli Free PDF

The Odin Rings By Victor Farelli
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NOTE: Link 2, you need to use this downloader.

Slydini Liking Ring Routine By D. Angelo Ferri

The Linking Rings: An Intensive Study Of The Slydini Liking Ring Routine By D. Angelo Ferri
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Chris Capehart's Three Ring Routine

Chris Capehart’s 3 Ring Routine By Karl Fulves
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The Magic Of J. N. Hofzinser PDF

The Magic Of J. N. Hofzinser Translated By Richard Hatch
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NOTE: The Chinese linking rings tutorial is titled The Chinese Rings listed under XII Rings, from page 196.

More Magic Of The Hands Edward Victor PDF

More Magic Of The Hands By Edward Victor
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NOTE: Found in Chapter IV, The Chinese Rings.

The Art Of Modern Conjuring For Wizards Of All Ages PDF

The Art Of Modern Conjuring For Wizards Of All Ages By Henri Garenne
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NOTE: Found in Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Tricks, The Chinese Ring Trick

Volume 1-5 Harry Lorayne Apocalypse free download

Apocalypse Volumes 1-5 By Harry Lorayne
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NOTE: Three handling moves for the Chinese linking rings, found in Apocalypse Vol 4 No 5 May 1981.

Check out this is a big list of books or pamphlets with linking rings routines.

RELATED: Linking Ring Spin Flourish

This is an additional trick which you can spice up your linking rinks routine; to make one of the ring spins between your hands.

Linking Rings Trick

It is simply by using a rubber band.

This idea is by Tony Lopilato.

Check out how it is done in one of Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse periodicals.

Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse Vol.8 No. 4 April 1985
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