Mickael Chatelain Crazy Hole 2.0 Explained How The Trick Works

Read my explanation how the Crazy Hole 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain, his new (2024) version of his 2018 card penetration trick is done.

I am going to expose it step-by-step how the trapped playing card could move about freely within the folded paper bill.

In addition, I accompany the trick secret reveal with supporting pictures and illustrations

Being a magic enthusiast, finding out the magic trick secret, or the trick behind the magic is my passion.

But I am more interested in the psychology behind magic.

How magic tricks play with our perceptions and expectations; thus creating a sense of wonder and mystery.

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His first Crazy Hole uses two playing cards and a short drinking straw to perform the penetration effect.

I have already explored and explained how the Crazy Hole penetration trick works.

Crazy Hole by Mickael Chatelain

But this second time around, Mickael Chatelain uses a playing card, a banknote and a toothpick.

According to the promo, this latest mind-bending effect is an even crazier version.

Mickael Chatelain Crazy Hole 2.0 Explained


Show the spectator a playing card with a hole in the center of its long edge.

Borrow a paper bill and fold it in half lengthwise.

Next slot the card inside the folded bill and the toothpick is pierced right through it.

Now the card is trapped tight between the valley fold of the bill.

Then mysteriously, you can slide the card across the folded bill to the right, and then to the left side.

It seems the locked card can move freely within the folded paper bill.

Remove the toothpick to show the hole of the card is no longer in the center.

For the finale, the card appears to glide across the bill by itself.

Watch Mickael Chatelain performs the Crazy Hole 2.0 in the demo video:

Mickael Chatelain Crazy Hole 2.0 Explained

After watching his performance, I reckon the secret of this new trick could be similar to his first version.

Interestingly, the whole routine is the same as the earlier trick, including the self-sliding card bit.

Well, I might be wrong, as it is based on my casual observations and quick assumption.

But I could see all the identical trademarks from his video and another one by Saturn Magic.

Just like his first straw-thru-card creation, the Crazy Hole 2.0 also uses a specially-made gimmick card.

At the onset of Mickael’s demo video, he uses a card slot puncher under the pretext of punching a hole onto it.

We can tell the card comes readily with a small hole, because his left hand is blocking it from the start.

That is the gimmick card that makes the penetration trick effect possible.

Another thing is both demo videos do not show you the face of the playing card.

It is because the gimmick part can be clearly seen on the white card surface.

But it is well camouflaged in the back design of the playing card.

Crazy Hole 2.0 Gimmick Card

Now. let’s take a closer look at the demo video, particularly the gimmick card:

NOTE: To view the video clearer, slow down the playback speed to 0.25.

Right from the start at 0:04, when Mickael lifts the card up pretending to punch a hole, you can see two tiny punctured holes on the card.

Mickael Chatelain Crazy Hole 2.0 Card trick

You can also see the two pinholes at the the card from Saturn Magic demo video.

Solid Through Solid Penetration Trick

From 0:09 when he lifts up the card and waves his hand behind it, you can clearly see two vertical white lines at the bottom of the card.

Card Penetration Trick Revealed

Even after the demo, at 1:23 again you can see the two short white lines at the bottom corners of the card.

To reduce their visibility, they are concealed on the white thin border line design.

Mickael Chatelain Crazy Hole 2.0 Close Up trick

Similarly, you can also see them at the demo video by Saturn Magic at 0:11.

Close-Up Card Trick Secret Revealed

These two holes and the white lines must be the nylon thread which holds the movable strip, just like the Hole 1.0 design.

Crazy Hole Card Trick Revealed

This is the close-up view of the two holes and the fine elastic thread which holds the movable slot-piece in Hole 1.0.

Mickael Chatelain Gimmick Card Trick

In other words, this new gimmick card could be identical with his first Crazy Hole magic trick.

Hole 2.0 By Mickael Chatelain Gimmick Secret

But this time, the gimmick is on the height or the length of the playing card.

HOLE 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain Trick Secret

At 0:15, he accidentally hits the edge of the card onto the folded bill, and the bottom part of the card abruptly bends or jerks.

Penetration Card Trick By Mickael Chatelain

Shadow Of Card Gimmick Movable Stripe

I think I noticed the shadow of the movable strip casts outside the edge of the card on the folded bill.

Well, you can reason that I can see the slide-out strip shadow, is because I want to see it there.

In psychology this ‘we-see-what-we-want-to-see’ phenomenon is known as motivated perception.

It happens to all of us because our perception is often biased, selective, and malleable.

By the way, in fact magicians use this motivated perception to exploit our awareness.

Shadow Of Hole 2.0 Gimmick Card

Anyway, to convince myself beyond the shadow of doubt (no pun intended), I watched closely at the paper bill.

The is the picture of the folded bill, just after Mickael has slotted in the gimmick card and there is no shadow.

Mickael Chatelain Card Trick Secret

Now look at the bill below, after he has dragged the card to his right side at 0:41, when he is fiddling with the toothpick.

Crazy Hole 2.0 Trick Secret Revealed

It looks like the shadow of the movable strip outside the card, and his fingers are pinching tightly onto it.

This is the movable strip position when the card is dragged to the his right side of the bill.

Crazy Hole 2.0 By Mickael Chatelain Trick Explained

In fact you can see the faint shadow below the zero digit of the 20 Euro bill, from 0:36 to 0:52.

At 0:50, when he pulls the card back to the center, you can see the card shadow blocks out the movable strip shadow.

This is the maximum distance the playing card can go, without exposing the gimmick.

Mickael Chatelain 2024 Magic Trick

The so-called self-moving card effect is because of the elastic thread pulling the strip back in place.

Well, this is my explanation how the Crazy Card 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain card trick works.

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