Pete Firman Levitation Card Trick Secret Revealed And Explained

This is the Pete Firman levitation card trick, which I have revealed and explained before.

The card floats from the deck trick was mentioned in this post, Tonight At The London Palladium doing his prediction act.

It seemed Pete Firman levitating card trick revealed was lost inside that long blog post.

So I removed it, updated and republished it here.

Furthermore, after reading the comments in YouTube, it seems many are still hanging in the air, how Firman makes the card hovering in midair.

As a magic enthusiast, I love finding out how magic tricks and stage illusions work.

To be precise, I am more interested in the psychology behind the magic.

How conjuring magic tricks play with our perceptions and expectations; thus creating a sense of wonder and mystery.

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Pete Firman Levitation Card Trick Revealed

Before I explain Pete Firman levitating card trick secret, I would share some of the comments from Reddit readers.

Just like my other magic trick revealed posts, it is supported with the pictures of its secret gimmick, and other relevant images captured from the video clip.

Besides, I also include a similar levitation card trick by Glenn West, together with a free book on card levitation magic trick by Ben Harris.

The free tutorial of Easy Float by Steve Fearson.

Easy Float Card Secret Steve Fearson

Not forgetting the book titled, Art of Close-up Levitation by The Underground.

You can find Dan Harlan’s earlier version of the Hover Card trick in this book.

Dan Harlan Hover Card Trick

Yes, this is a useful, helpful, reliable and people-first post, for folks who enjoy the wonder of  conjuring magic tricks.

Watch Pete Firman Levitating Card Trick video below:

Pete Firman Levitation Card Trick Revealed

This kind of card levitation trick can be found in magic books, magazines and now the online video clips.

Among them are: Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence, Floating Card (T-238) by Tenyo Magic, Veneer Card Float by Glen west, The Enlightenment by Ben Harris, and many more.

There are various methods of making a playing card trick as if floating above the deck of cards.

Among the secrets used are: invisible string, magnets, with your pinky or thumb, transparent plastic strip, or a foldable cardboard/transparent plastic hinge.

Let’s check out what some Reddit readers have to say Pete Firman’s trick.

Reddit Comments

These are some of the feedbacks how English magician Pete Firman does the close-up card levitation effect.

  • using a small clear plastic slip on the back of the Queen card.
  • a plastic taped at the back of the card prop, you can attach it to the deck by squeezing the other end of the plastic between the cards
  • a strip of semi-rigid paper bent in a Z shape, with one tip glued to the back of the card, and the other slipped in the deck
  • a string glued to the back of the card which runs through his shirt

As expected someone mentions the use of a magnet.

Well, in fact a few Reddit commenters got it almost correct.

The gimmick is a wire spring attached to the back of the Queen of Clubs card.

Here is one explanation:

There is a spring attached to the back of the queen. He merely compresses it and deftly hides it from view then reattaches and places the tail which has a razor thin tab that is easily inserted into the deck of cards.

Pete Firman Floating Card Trick Secret Exposed

I suppose there are two gimmicks in this hovering card trick: wire spring and magnet.

One card is attached with a wire spring, while another card with a magnet.

At the onset of the performance, at 0:02 you notice the springy movement of the Queen of Clubs card.

As he moves the cards closer to the camera, you can see the Queen of Clubs bouncing and bobbing.

Right there, I knew Pete Firman attached a fine wire spring right behind the Queen of Clubs card.

Here is the visual proof of the thin wire spring affixed to the back of the Queen of Hearts card.

Pete Firman Card Levitation Trick Secret Exposed

This is the close-up view of the coiled wire spring.

Pete Firman Floating Card Trick Gimmick

You can see it from the video clip at 0:23, when his right hand picks up the card.

To view it clearer, slow down the YouTube video playback speed to 0.25.

Then you can see his fingers pressing down on the spring, while he misdirects your attention by looking at the deck of cards on his left hand.

Misdirection In Magic Tricks

Misdirection is the technique of diverting an audience’s attention away from the the method or the secret of the trick.

Or some prefer to call it direction, instead of misdirection; because the magicians are actually directing your attention to where they want you to see.

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Pete Firman Levitating Card Trick With Wire Spring And Magnet

He fixed a soft wire spring right in the middle of the back of Queen of Clubs card, as indicated in the picture below.

Levitating Card Trick Explained

The other end of the spring is magnetically stuck to the deck of cards.

Yes, one of the cards of the deck has a magnet.

For Pete Firman’s cards, probably the magnet is fixed to the two of Diamonds.

Twice when he removes the cards from the deck, you notice the floating Queen of Clubs card abruptly quivers.

When he pulls out the ten of Diamonds at 0:16, and six of Clubs at 0:33.

The abrupt movement is not very obvious because the card itself is jiggling all the time.

To view it clearly, slow down the playback speed to 0.25.

Since the spring is between the levitating card and the deck of cards, at 0:10, he could not push his right hand right through the gap.

Pete Firman Levitating Card Trick

Anyway, he cannot pull out all the cards from the deck, as he needs the magnet to hold the spring gimmick.

At 0:28, he brings the Queen of Clubs near to the deck, let go of his right thumb to release the spring.

Hence the extended metal spring attracts to the deck of card which has a magnet.

At the end of the act, Firman does an impressive move, as if the Queen of Clubs card slowly drifts back to the deck, at 0:37.

To achieve that magical floating back movement, he gradually tilts and pulls in the deck of card backward.

This is how Pete Firman Levitation Card trick is done with just a small wire spring and a magnet.


Check out the Verner Card Float tutorial by Glenn West, doing the card floating off the deck trick without any gimmick.

Get this free tutorial by Ben Harris called Flight Case.

Effect: The selected card floats eerily off the case. It floats up, twists and moves a little, then floats back down.

Flight Case By Ben Harris PDF

Flight Case By Ben Harris
Click on this: Link

Here is another version of card hovering over the deck trick by Steve Fearson, by making a hole through the cards.

Easy Float By Steve Fearson Tutorial PDF

Easy Float By Steve Fearson
Click on this: Link

Are you still asking: How do you do the levitating card trick?

Then read this free booklet featuring various methods of doing floating or levitation effect.

The Art Of Close-Up Levitation By The Underground PDF

The Underground – The Art of Close Up Levitation By The Underground
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