The Golden Fleece Tenyo Magic Trick Explained

If you are still wondering how the Golden Fleece Tenyo magic trick is done, then keep reading…

I do not own this 1985 Golden Fleece T-121 magic trick by Tenyo Japan, and neither do I know actually this cut and restored trick secret.

This is just my opinion how the yellow woolen string appears to restored by viewing the demo videos online.

The Golden Fleece Tenyo Magic Secret

Cut And Restored Magic Trick

Tenyo T-121 The Golden Fleece is a cut and restored trick created by the amazingly creative Hideo Kato.

Hideo Kato Tenyo Magic Tricks

Among Hideo Kato’s creations for Tenyo Magic, include Tenyo T-38 Crystal Box, Tenyo T-96 The Wandering Hole, Tenyo T-115 UltraSlice, and T-116 Infinitum.

Tenyo Trick Infinitum (T-116)

By the way, here is the patent of Infinitum T-116, where you can see the secret working of the cigarette case.

Infinitum Tenyo Magic Trick Patent

Now, let’s continue Hideo Kato’s Golden Fleece mechanical trick.


The Golden Fleece Tenyo magic is a set of circular plastic frames with four holes on its side.

Thread two pieces of woolen or woollen string intersecting each other right through the center of the circular frames.

With a pair of scissors, cut off one of the thread criss-crossing in the middle of the circular frames.

Next snip off the two ends of the other thread hanging from the holes at the outer wall of the frames.

Now holding both ends of the string from the outer wall holes, give the Golden Fleece circular frames a twirl.

When it stops spinning, magically the two apparently separated woolen strings has become one single strand.

Pull the woolen string out from the frame to show it is indeed has restored to one unbroken piece.

Watch the demo video of The Golden Fleece by Tenyo Magic below:

The effect is similar to the popular cut and restored rope trick.

Cut And Restored Rope Trick Secret

Clues How The Cut And Restored Trick Is Done

My view on how the Golden Fleece Tenyo magic trick works  is based on these following clues:

Firstly, the prop is made up of two separate circular plastic frames slotted together.

In other words, you can turn or rotate them.

Secondly is the four sets of pointed protrusions or tabs around the circular plastic frames that piqued my curiosity.

cut and restored string trick tenyo

They appeared to be redundant, unless they play a part in the trickery.

Then the next hint is the positioning of the uncut string at the end of the act.

Cut And Restored Tenyo Magic Trick

Finally, during the spinning of the frames, you can put together how the so-called cut up string got restored (no pun intended).

Close up magic trick revealed

Golden Fleece Tenyo Secret Explained

From the outset when the two strings threaded into the circular set of frames, they are definitely intersecting each other.

Rotate The Golden Fleece Frames

The secret move of the Golden Fleece magic trick is to rotate the circular plastic frames.

To misdirect this secret move, he lifts up the circular frames and jiggles it, under the pretext of straightening the dangling strings.

In the demo video at 0:43, both his left thumb and forefinger use the pointed tabs to rotate the frames.

Golden Fleece Trick Exposed

Golden Fleece Strings Swapped Positions

With a quarter turn of the frame, the four endings of the two strings outside the frame swap positions.

But the two crisscross strings in the middle of the circular frames, still remain in their positions.

Even before the frames are fully turned, at 0:41, the strings and the tabs are already slightly not properly aligned.

Golden Fleece Hideo Kato Tenyo Magic

The performer’s left thumb has already turned the top frame slightly, while his forefinger is getting ready to pull up the bottom tab (see picture above).

Strings Position Not Aligned

Hence, the four endings of the two strings outside the frames are not aligned with the two intersecting strings in the middle anymore.

In fact, they are completely in opposite position.

For a clearer explanation, I illustrated it with different colored strings.

Golden Fleece Trick Secret

After snipping off the seemingly two strings, this is how it looks like inside the frame.

Golden Fleece T-121 by Tenyo Magic

Probably there is a simple lock and release mechanism hidden inside the plastic circular frames to control the rotation.

One more hint that suggests there is movement of the strings outside the frame is their length.

Before and after the quarter rotation, the length of the four strings outside the frame differs slightly.

Before the rotation, the strings are longer.

Tenyo Magic Trick Secret

After the rotation, the strings are shorter.

Cut And Restored Tenyo Magic

This is what I think this is how the Golden Fleece Tenyo magic trick is done.

You can find Hideo Kato’s card count “The Kato Kount” and impromptu, bare-handed glass suspension trick “The Amazing Dream Glass” in this Gary Ouellet’s 1990 book:

Close Up Illusions By Gary Ouellet PDF

Close Up Illusions By Gary Ouellet
Click on this: Link

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