Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic Trick Exposed And Explained

This is what I think how the pencil could go through the dollar bill without damaging it in the Frame Of Destruction Tenyo magic trick.

The Frame Of Destruction Tenyo T-103 is by Shigeru Sugawara.

Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic

Shigeru Sugawara also created the Tenyo T-189 Money Shredder, Tenyo T-132 The Ninja Experiment and Tenyo T-114 Wonder Window.


A one hundred dollar bill is placed in a clear plastic frame, which has a hole in the center.

The plastic frame together with the dollar bill is placed inside an envelope, which also has aligned holes in the center.

Push a pencil through the holes in the envelope, thus apparently penetrating the dollar bill inside the frame.

Then open the envelope and shake out the dollar bill.

Surprisingly, the dollar bill is still intact, without any hole in it.

Watch the demo video Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic by Madison of Presenting Tenyo below:

Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic Revealed

Let’s peep into the green envelope to explore how the penetration trick is done, without damaging the dollar bill.

You need to temporarily shift the obstacle to achieve the penetration effect.

The first thing which rouses my suspicion is the extra long green envelope.

Secondly is the handling of the envelope.

This is what I think how the Frame Of Destruction T-103 by Tenyo Magic trick is done.

Shift The Dollar Bill

You have to shift or reposition the hundred dollar bill inside the envelope.

I believe this is the reason why it uses the extra-long green envelope in this Tenyo penetration trick.

It provides additional space to accommodate the rearranged bill.

Hold Onto The Dollar Bill

In all the videos, as they slot the clear plastic frame together with the dollar bill into the envelope, their thumbs hold onto the flap and give it a shake to drop it in.

Tenyo Penetration Frame Bill Trick

Actually they are holding onto the edge of the dollar note which is exposed at the semicircle cut-out of the plastic frame.

Penetration Magic Trick Secret Exposed

They just let the clear plastic frame to drop deep down into the envelope.

Hence, half of the hundred dollar bill is out from the clear plastic frame, as illustrated below.

Frame Of Destruction T-103

Then they close the flap and fold the extra long green envelope, thus folding the extended half portion of the bill.

Pencil Penetrates Dollar Bill Trick

As you can see the half of the dollar bill which is still inside the frame is away from the hole.

After the penetration trick, before they shake out the plastic frame, they give it a gentle squeeze at its edges.

Frame Of Destruction By Tenyo Magic Japan

This is to open up the plastic frame slightly, so that it could slot back completely into the dollar bill.

To ensure the plastic frame would slide smoothly into the bill, one side of the interior of the envelope has affixed with a cardboard slot.

Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic Trick

This is what I reckon how Tenyo Frame of Destruction trick is done.

Updated January 2024: Yesterday I came across the Frame of Destruction Tenyo instruction sheet in the auction website, WorthPoint.

It appears my guess how this Tenyo penetration trick works is most probably correct.

To view the instruction sheet clearer, click on the image.

The Frame Of Destruction Tenyo Magic Instruction