Tower Of Dice Tenyo Magic Trick Explained

Do you know where do the extra four dice come from in the Tower Of Dice Tenyo magic trick?

If you are still confounded by this 2011 pocket trick Tenyo T-247 by Takayuki Kumazawa, then continue reading…

Among Takayuki Kumazawa‘s other creations for Tenyo Magic Japan include: Tenyo T-252 Clear Surprise, Tenyo T-204 Escape King, T-281 Smart Guillotine and Tenyo T-225 Mystic Blackboard.

Here is the patent of the Mystic Blackboard.

Tenyo Mystic Blackboard Patent

Let’s explore the Tenyo Tower Of Dice T-247.


Firstly remove the lid of the black plastic holder, and pour out four dice.

Then stack up the four dice neatly on the table with help of the the holder and its lid.

Next, slot the holder over the pile of four dice with the holder.

Slowly lift up the holder to reveal a tower of eight dice.

Magically from four dice, now you have a pillar of eight dice.

After the trick, hand out the plastic tube and dice to your audience for inspection.

Tower Of Dice Tenyo Magic

Watch the one of the demo videos of the Tower Of Dice T-247 below:

Tower Of Dice Tenyo Magic Explained

From what I have read from various websites and forums, the Tower Of Dice Tenyo magic trick has various issues.

Among the woes are difficulty in stacking up the eight dice, bringing out the hidden four dice and angle-sensitive.

Tower Of Dice Trick Handling

The most complaint is the awkward handling of the plastic holder together the secret gimmick.

From the demo videos you can see the unnatural hand position.

The finger tips are gripping tightly onto the edge of the holder, and the thumb seems to be holding onto an extension.

Tenyo Tower Of Dice T-247

Logically the production of the extra four dice must come from either the holder or hidden inside his palm.

Henceforth, my focus is on the hand holding the plastic holder.

Tower Of Dice Gimmick

Another one of my suspicions is, they keep holding onto the holder throughout the act.

Sure enough, I noticed a black piece between their fingers.

Dice Production Tenyo Magic Trick

At this juncture, it confirmed my speculation, there must be an additional piece holding the extra dice.

But I do  not know precisely how the gimmick device look like.

Probably it is similar to the hidden chute-like device of the Tenyo T-86 Ultra Tube created by Shigeru Sugawara.

Ultra Tube Tenyo T-86 By Shigeru Sugawara

Evidently my assumption was correct when I found both the Tower Of Dice patent and also the picture of the actual gimmick online.

Tenyo Tower Of Dice Patent T-247

This is the patent of the Tower Of Dice by Takayuki Kumazawa.

Tenyo Tower Of Dice Patent

This is the patent of how to perform the Tower Of Dice trick.

Tenyo Tower Of Dice By Takayuki Kumazawa

Tower Of Dice Production Device

Here is where I found the pictures of the actual Tower Of Dice gimmick.

Tenyo Tower Of Dice Trick Secret

In addition, I noticed they seem to discard the gimmick, before they can fully release their hands from the holder.

Lapping Technique In Magic Tricks

Some of them use the lapping trick to get rid of the secret device.

Lapping is a sleight of hand technique whereby the performer secretly dropping an object (dice, coin or card) into his lap to vanish it, while seated.

This Japanese demo video, he uses the lapping technique to dispose the gimmick dice holder.

His moves his left hand to the edge of the table to dispose the gimmick from the holder at 0:31.

Lapping Technique Magic Tricks

Madison of Presenting Tenyo in this video, he also uses the lapping to drop off the device.

Watch him bringing his left hand to the edge of the table to drop the gimmick at 1:29.

Lapping Dropping Dice Trick

But in his other demo video, Madison does it what most of them are doing.

They ditch the gimmick by moving their hand with the holder out of the camera frame.

He swings his left hand with the holder out of the camera view at 0:31.

So are these three performers at 0:24, 0:28 and 0:36 respectively.

For this video, the performer lifts both hand up from the camera view.

Then using his right hand to remove the gimmick at 0:46 (see the shadow).

This is how the Tower Of Dice Tenyo T-247 magic trick of producing four extra dice is done.

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