Knife Through Ching Ling Coin Box Explained

Do you want to know how the knife goes through Ching Ling Box Coin Box trick is done in the TikTok and YouTube video clips?

But unfortunately you cannot find the intended answer in the Google Search results page.

Presently the search term, “Knife through glass in box trick revealed” in the Google SERPs is unhelpful and misleading.

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Incidentally, the correct term should be dagger and not knife.

But for SEO sake, I still use the word ‘knife’ in this post.

If not, I’m afraid Googlebot might consider this content does not match the query.

Anyway, you could not find any TikTok or YouTube video clip showing the method of this glass penetration effect per se.

Except for the only video showing the Pete Firman doing the ruler through glass trick, which I have already explained back in my September 2022 post.

Ruler Through Glass Puzzle Box Revealed

By the way, this TikTok video copied Pete Firman/Luke Perry’s 2022 video.

Pete Firman Luke Perry Ching Ling Box

Besides this Pete Firman ruler video, there are clips demonstrating the Tenyo Mister Danger trick, which I have also revealed back in February 2023.

mister danger tenyo magic trick

Google Helpful Content & User Intent

The videos in the search results page do not show or explain how the sharp knife could seemingly pierce through the glass trick.

They do not answer the search queries, and satisfy the users intent.

According to Google, they are not reliable, useful and helpful content.

Yes, the Google search results has tricked you too (no pun intended).

Knife Through Ching Ling Coin Box Trick Explained

But this post I am definitely going to reveal and explain the secret of this puzzle box magic trick.

How the knife or rather the dagger could seemingly penetrate through the glass inside the Ching Ling Coin Box.

The trick secret explanation is supported with relevant pictures captured from the video clips.

Knife Through Ching Ling Coin Box Trick
For those who do not know, this wooden prop is known as the Ching Ling Coin Box, and not the Coin Of The Realm Box.

Ching Ling Coin Box

The small wooden box is called the Ching Ling Coin Box.

Ching Ling Coin Box Magic Trick

Back in September 9, 2022, I have published an in-depth write-up titled “Ching Ling Box Explained How It is Done And More“.

Ching Ling Coin Box Penetration Trick

Anyway, I have revised and republished it in May 2024, with a new title “Ching Ling Coin Box Trick Secret Revealed“.

Now let’s get back to knife through Ching Ling Coin Box trick explanation:

TikTok Knife Through Glass Trick Revealed

I have explained the secret of the Ching Ling Coin Box and also the similar wooden box in the steel ball through glass trick.

One side of the box is a pivoted piece which can swivel open, to let the glass piece to slip out.

Knife Through Ching Ling Coin Box Revealed

For this knife through the Ching Coin Box trick, the TikToK performer has to set the glass in an upward position.

He has to place the glass piece slanting towards the narrow opening of the pivoted door.

This is how the position of the glass piece inside the box looks like.

Knife Thru Glass Inside Ching Ling Box Trick

At the onset of the video, you notice the odd position of his left thumb outside the box.

Knife through glass in box trick solution

The thumb is not holding the small box.

It is actually pressing down onto the narrow edge of the glass piece to keep it in place.

Then at 00:33, you can see the edge of the glass outside the box.

His left forefinger and middle finger are gripping it, as seen below.

Knife Through Ching Ling Coin Box Trick Exposed

The piece of glass in not blocking the two slots of the wooden box.

Thus, the blade of the knife (dagger) could slot through both slits of the box.

YouTube Knife Through Glass In Box Magic Trick

Similarly the guy in the YouTube demo video openly display the method of the trick twice.

Firstly from 0:21 to 0:23, you can see the flipped-out pivoted piece at his right hand fingers.

Knife Through Glass In Box Trick Secret Revealed

Then at 0:26, when he turns the Ching Ling Coin Box around, again he exposes the swivel door at his left hand fingers.

Knife Penetrates Glass Magic Trick Explained

Now you know how the knife/dagger could apparently ram through the glass inside the Ching Ling Box.

This is how precisely how the knife through Ching Ling Coin Box trick is done.


Holy Wood Magic Trick Revealed

This pocket trick Holy Wood is designed by Hanson Chien and engineered by Yao.


Push a playing card push through a solid deck of cards inside a box.

When the card box is opened, the deck of cards changes to a solid block of wood.

Watch the demo video of Holy Wood here.

Holy Wood Trick By Hanson Chien

No doubt, the the well hidden opening of the wooden block is not visible.

But the secret working of this penetration trick by Hanson Chien is similar to the spike through brass block matchbox.

Spike Through Brass Block Matchbox Revealed

The classic matchbox penetration trick revealed in this YouTube video.

Watch the Holy Wood videos carefully, you can see them squeezing the box to close up the gap at the wooden block.

Holy Wood Trick Revealed

This Holy Wood puzzle box trick is extremely well-crafted.

From what I read, to separate the gimmick you need to hold the wood block in a specific way.

For the showing a full deck of cards inside the box routine, it could be identical to the Vanishing Deck by Paul Harris.

The Vanishing Deck Paul Harris uses a gimmick card with a fake piece attached, to make it looks a whole deck.

You can find this 1973 card trick in his book below:

The Art Of Astonishment Paul Harris Vol. One

The Art Of Astonishment: Pieces Of Strange To Unleash the Moment Vol. One
Click on any of these: Link 1Link 2

NOTE: The name Holy Wood (神木) is not a play on the word Hollywood.

The direct English translation of Holy Wood means “God Wood” (shén mù).

DISCLAIMER: I do not publish or host the books here. They are copyrighted to their respective owner. All content cited is derived from their respective sources.