Ruler Through Box With Glass Trick Exposed And Explained

This is what I think how the ruler through box with glass trick is done, as performed in the video clip by English magician Pete Firman and Luke Perry.

If you are still puzzled by that so-called puzzle box with a metal ruler or wooden box ruler magic trick going through the glass piece, probably you might want to check this post out.

Ruler Through Box With Glass Trick

I do not own this pocket trick prop, neither do I know how it is done.

I think that small rectangle wooden box used by Pete Firman and Luke Perry is popularly known as “Ching Ling Coin Box“.

Ching Ling Coin Box“is a small wooden box with a slot on its top (cover) and another one aligned directly at its bottom.

A glass sheet is placed inside the box, so that it obstructs the two slots.

So there is no way for the coin to go through the slots, unless it penetrates the solid glass sheet.

The trick is the performer can drop the solid coin into the top slot, and it can come out through the bottom slot.

It seems the coin goes right through the piece of glass.

The effect of this closeup magic trick where a a coin or a ruler goes through glass in box is termed as penetration of solid through solid.

Normally other magicians use coin to perform this penetration through the glass trick.

Watch Pete Firman & Luke Perry doing the ruler/sword through glass in box trick:

You can watch Pete Firman’s video where he uses a steel rule with the “Ching Ling Coin Box” over here. or here.

So, how do they do it?

Ruler Through Box With Glass Trick Secret

I think the secret is the same as the steel ball through glass trick as I have explored and explained before.

In other words, you need to secretly shift the glass sheet inside the wooden box, to clear the way for both slots.

One side of the glass sheet is lifted up and placed on the edge of the box.

It means the glass sheet is now positioned diagonally inside the box as indicated by white dotted line in the visual below.

ruler through glass in box trick

The edge of the glass sheet is gripped between the cover and the top edge of the box (where his hand is holding the box).

Ching Ling Coin Box Secret

If you look closer at the picture above, you would notice the slot at the box lid is not centralized.

The side of the lid where his hand is holding is wider.

As I have explained in the steel ball through glass article, that wider side of the lid is to hide the glass piece edge that is resting on the box edge.

After the trick is done, at 0:12-0:13 Pete Firman tilts the box downwards and uses his left thumb to secretly push the glass sheet back into the box, just before he opens it (see below).

ruler thru puzzle box secret

As for Luke Perry, I think he uses his right thumb to push the glass sheet back into the box at: 0:10 to 0:12, just before he unclasps it.

From their videos, they indicate that the piece of glass sheet is way too tall or too high when it is lifted up inside the box.

They cannot even close the cover of the box.

Ching Ling Coin Box secret

What they are implying is the secret of the trick is not by adjusting the glass sheet, as I have just mentioned above.

When they show the glass sheet is too high, is because they purposely place the glass sheet straight up and lean it against the inner wall of the box.

See the image below:

Pete Firman puzzle box trick

But my view is there is still space for the the diagonally-positioned glass sheet lying within the box.

I have highlighted it with white dotted lines for both positions of the glass sheet, as shown below.

puzzle box ruler glass

Why do I think there is enough space for the metal ruler or sword to slip past the glass sheet?

First, the width of both the steel rule and the sword is slim.

coin of the realm magic trick explained

Second, the two slots are rather wide.

Ching Ling Coin Magic Box

Even though the lower edge of the glass sheet exceeds slightly into the slot, there is still enough opening space left for the penetration act.

This is my opinion how the ruler through box with glass trick or wooden box ruler magic trick is done.