Impossible Glass Penetration Trick Secret Possibly Exposed

Is it possible to get through to the Impossible Glass Penetration trick secret by just viewing just one video clip?

Disclaimer: I do not own this glass penetration trick apparatus, nor do I know exactly how the trick works.

After a few viewings of the Impossible Glass Penetration by Magic Wagon video clip, I think this is how the trick is done.

Impossible Glass Penetration Trick Secret

Most of these object-through-glass/mirror magic tricks, they employ this similar secret principle.

You either shift the glass panel or the mirror, and in some cases there is a hidden hole on it.

Pencil Through Glass Trick

For instance this cheap plastic Penetration Frame magic trick, where you apparently can push a pencil through the clear solid plastic piece.

The secret is you slide the hole hidden under the center frame, as explained here.

Scarf Through Mirror

The parlor trick known as the Silk Scarf Through Mirror is a favorite among many stage magicians.

Again, you need to discreetly shift the mirror from behind it, as shown here.

Tenyo T-114 Wonder Window

This Tenyo Wonder Window plastic prop works the same way; by sliding the glass or rather the plexiglass.

The secret of this penetration trick is exposed when this performer has overdone it.

He shifts or slides the plexiglass while the card is in between the slit at 1:48-1:51.

Ali Bongo Die Through The Mirror

Then we have this popular close-up Die Through The Mirror trick created by the late British magician Ali Bongo.

All you do is you secretly lower the mirror to let the die drop through as exposed in this video from 3:56 onward.

There is an updated version of this “Die Through The Mirror trick” known as “The Great Escape” by Tenyo Magic Company from Japan.

This Tenyo T-263 The Great Escape prop replaced the mirror with a metal sheet.

You can watch it in this video.

By the way, you can find the secret of the effect in this original free instruction sheet in English.

Note: Free Ali Bongo Books

There are two books by magician Ali Bongo which you can borrow to read only from Internet Archive.

Ali Bongo’s Book Of Magic” and “Be A Magician“.

Both of these free e-books are for borrowing only.

But if you want to download and save them for your own reference, check out this: “How To Save Internet Archive Borrow Books“.

Now, let’s look at the effect of The Impossible Glass Penetration by Magic Wagon:

A solid sheet of glass is inserted into the wooden frame of the prop.

There two wooden doors are closed to block the view of the glass panel.

Then you pierce four short brass swords through the four tiny holes.

It appears the four brass swords manage to go right through the glass.

Now, the slim swords are removed and the doors are opened to show the glass is still in the frame.

The glass is pulled out of the frame and shown to be completely unharmed.

I find the weakness of the Impossible Glass Penetration effect is the audience cannot get to see the back view of the prop inserted with the swords.

This is the Impossible Glass Penetration video:

So, how can the four swords pass through the solid glass?

I am just taking a stab at guessing how this penetration trick is done.

To penetrate into the hidden secret, I studied the prop and observed how the performer does his routine.

These are my findings:

Positions Of Holes

Firstly, I realized the position of the four holes on the doors is rather unusual.

They are situated very near to the edges of the frame of the glass.

It is not like the four holes in the Peter Warlock Glass Penetration or Atomic Glass Penetration prop.

From the ads and the video clip, you can clearly see the four holes are very close to the hinges.

swords through glass trick

I can see the position of the four holes are almost at the edges of the wooden frame that holds the glass.

through glass magic trick

In fact, it is this peculiar hole position that cracks the secret of this Impossible Glass Penetration open.

glass frame magic secret

The High Doors

When I first studied the apparatus, the height of the doors did raise my suspicion.

Then when I found out the key secret of this closeup trick, having the the tall doors, especially in the center does make sense.

The Glass Size

When he pulls the glass out and then slots it back in, I notice it just slightly wider that the square hole.

closeup magic by Magic wagon

You will know the reason why the size of this glass does matter.

The Sword Size

Another puzzling thing that rouse my attention is the use such a slim swords or rods for such a comparatively big prop.

thru glass magic secret

For this penetration trick to work, similarly the size of the swords does really matter.

Give A Helping Hand

I noticed the performer’s left hand keeps gripping firmly onto the prop.

It is lending a hand to the trick, so to speak.

impossible glass penetration revealed

I suspected his hidden left thumb is up to something.

In fact, his thumb is adjusting and holding onto the piece of glass panel in place.

This is the gist of the secret working of the Impossible Glass Penetration trick.

I will explain in more detail soon.

It’s In the Move

One thing that caught my attention is the order of inserting in the four brass swords.

He slips in the first sword at his top right hand hole.

Then he inserts the second sword into the bottom hole of his left.

After putting in the first two swords, then he releases his left hand grasp from the prop.

Slot In Here

You can see that the performer is going all out to prove that the glass in tightly slotted within the wooden frame.

He even mentioned it in his YouTube site that the solid glass panel cannot move left to right or slide in anyway, except on top.

But when I watched the clip, this is what I saw:

Focus on his left hand index finger.

While his right fingers are jiggling the glass panel, you can see it his left hand index finger holding it down at 0:26-0:29.

through glass trick secret exposed

After turning the back view of the prop to the camera, he does it again at 0:34-0:37 to show the glass panel is indeed tightly trapped within the frame.

He never actually pushes the sheet of glass all the way to the sides and to the bottom of the slots.

The truth is there is still space within the slot of this frame for the movement of the glass panel.

I will highlight it later.

There is strange act of pouring the brass swords out from the drinking glass at 0:54-0:57.

As a matter of fact, this sudden senseless antic definitely raise unnecessary suspicion from the viewers.

In fact, one YouTube commenter did remarked that the spilling of the swords is to cover the sound of the glass falling behind.

I am not too sure whether the sound from the secret move of the glass panel behind the doors is audible to the close-up audience.

But it is probably detectable by the video camera.

Lastly, there is a quick discreet move by his right hand just before he finishes up the act.

That brief act which caught my eyes, further confirms my assumption how the penetration trick is done could be correct.

Well, you could say the secret of Impossible Glass Penetration by Magic wagon is revealed in its own advertisement.

It says:

Completely self-contained and it does not use the usual sliding method!

The special wooden frame allows this all to happen!

In other words, there is STILL the sliding of the glass panel, but not the usual, as in some other glass penetration props (Peter Warlock Glass Penetration, English Glass Penetration by Harry Stanley, Silk Through Mirror, etc.)

It clearly stated it is the wooden frame which makes this trick possible.

With this info, we know precisely, there is movement of the glass panel and the frame that holds the glass is most probably the accomplice in helping the penetration effect possible.

Impossible Glass Penetration Trick Secret

Now, let’s go through (no pun intended) my guesswork about the Impossible Glass Penetration trick.

The whole secret is this:

As I have just mentioned above, there is still space in the slot where the glass panel is.

Just after he tosses the remaining three swords from the drinking glass, his left thumb secretly tilts the glass panel slightly.

At 0:57, I noticed there is faint movement inside the top hole near his left hand.

magic wagon glass penetration trick secret

If I am not wrong, I guess it must be the movement of the top part of the glass tilting towards the right side of the frame.

By just shifting the glass panel askew slightly or at an angled, the four tiny holes are now unblocked.

See the visual below:

impossible glass penetration trick secret

In other words, the four small holes are NOT blocked by the piece of glass.

That’s why the glass size cannot be too big or wide.

To present the so-called impossible penetration stunt, he starts piercing the rods into the four tiny holes.

As I have stated in my findings above, it is NOT just a random act poking in the four swords.

The first two swords or rods are meant to hold the tilted glass panel in place.

These two swords are positioned diagonally to secure or steady the tilted glass.

Once the slant glass panel is safely held up, you can see the performer’s left hand starts to let go of its grip from 1:05 onward.

Then he completes the act by poking in the remaining two swords.

Slim Swords/Rods

I am sure you should know by now why this Impossible Glass Penetration by Magic Wagon uses such slim swords or rods.

From the visual above, you can see there is limited space outside the tilted or slant glass panel.

In other words, the areas around the four now-unblocked holes are very restricted or tight.

Just before he starts removing the swords, you can see his left hand is back in action again from 1:28-1.50.

While his right hand pulling out the first rod, his left thumb needs to hold onto the slanted glass and then shifts it back in place.

Watch closely at 1:41, when his right hand is drawing out the third sword, you can clearly see his left hand fingers practically squeezing at the left door.

The whole prop even moves a little because his left thumb is trying to straighten up the slanted glass.

As I have mentioned in my findings above, there is this sneaky discreet move, just before he opens the doors for the finale.

From the video, at 1:47, you can see his right hand quickly touches the back of the frame behind the right door, just before he opens left side door.

He is secretly making sure the glass panel is properly back in its original position.

Watch the video again and focus on all those key scenes which I have called attention to.

Well, this is what I think is the Impossible Glass Penetration trick secret.